Saturday, 21 June 2008

Unity is the Key.

Hope at last, with groups/individuals on overtime to Save Goa & its Unique Identity. However, some with “perceived” objectives for the same, are fighting/sabotaging others working for the same objectives. What am I missing?

I discussed with some MLA’s, issues on Employment, Identity, Mega-Projects, Uncontrolled Migrants Influx, Mining, Non-Goan Land Sales, Corruption etc; they seem reluctant to address any critical issue. Empty Promises, Political Excuses, Passing the buck etc summarises their response. I think that they will not antagonise their Delhi Masters; who control their political destinies and they will not jeopardise their illegitimate incomes or migrant vote banks. They are in politics only to selfishly loot /destroy Goa. The Government will act for Goan Interests ONLY if the people actually force them to do so; for which we need unity!!

Clearly our historical disunity, immature crab mentality & simultaneous exploitation by politicians, has affected Goa & Goans. It’s high time we set aside our personal differences/interests & work in unity for Goa. My plea is that IF EACH ONE OF US TRULY WANTS TO SAVE GOA FOR THE GOANS, then let us at least work together on agreed, issue based, common objectives. Our Unity is the Key to Saving Goa.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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dr who said...

I am of the opinion that unless Goans are prepared to fight on all fronts and at all levels to get total responsibility for our borders, nothing much can be achieved.

Unless we can secure our borders, anything else is a cost with no benefit.

The opportunity to secure our borders was squandered by our ancestors, our forefathers, our parents and now ourselves. We are all to blame and make no mistake about it.

We slept with the enemy; we were treacherous to our compatriots; we sat on the fence; we did nothing and anything that was done was feeble, weak minded, naive, juvenile, unworthy of an organisation or an intelligencia. All of the above does not work if Goa has to have a real say in its own future.

Speaking for myself and the level of my ignorance, I have to admit that I was not aware that the Hindu Goan and the Christian Goan were one and the same people. Who was to blame for that? Me and my parents I submit.

Our best opportunity was just before India invaded/liberated Goa. It is rather academic whether we consider Goa was invaded or liberated. It is all water under the bridge. We must close this post hoc contemplation of our navel.

The fact is that Goa has no control over it borders which would enable Goans to take responsibility for their own independence and future. We Goans need to decide what relationship and integration we wish to have with India or to what extent India's Foreign Policy should be allowed to include Goan relationships with the outside world.

It would not be realistic for Goa to have a wholly independent Foreign Policy without consultation and agreement with Indian. Indian Foreign Policy to-date since Independence has been remarkably responsible, mature, realistic, honest and independent as indeed it should. I am proud of those architects who were responsible for formulating Indian Foreign Policy.

Goans have a major part to play in Indian Foreign Policy construction. While we want to secure our borders, we must see the sense in recognising that our roots, our strength, our culture and our future is bound with India. But given our history and exposure to the outside world and where we wish to make it with the outside world we are in a good position to bring valueable input to the formulation of policy or have cavets indroduced to benefit Goa and Goans.

I fear Goan lack like minded elites for some unknown reason. It is almost a systemic problem of the Goan psyche. Perhaps, it is our strong sense of independence or insecurity or just that we recognise that we cannot trust ourselves to be united or it goes against our grain. To be honest I am guessing and I dont know. Mercifully, it is not the issue.

What I am sure about though is that to achieve an objective like taking ownership of our borders we need outstanding leaders who are capable of mobilising the populace. In a global world this means Networking, Intelligence Gathering, Making friends and influencing people and institutions anywhere, Central and Distributed Communication systems and the Will to fight to win.

Attempts of garnering like minded Goans is a step in the right direction but unless we are prepared to fight on all fronts the battles and wars cannot be won. We must be clear and we must communicate that we are not against India. We are full bloodied Indians but we wish to work with the rest of India rather then be dictated to through servile politicking and corrupt officials or lap dogs.

It matters not if it is the dog wagging the tail or the tail wagging the dog, Goans want to know that what happens within its borders are its responsibility. And that responsibility will be taken seriously, expeditiously and justly. We need people in positions who must be held to account and must carry the brunt for failure.

There was a time when our parents should have been prepared to sacrifice their sons and daughters for what they believe in rather then what would be nice to have. That never happened. Unless we are prepared to make scrifices that we are unfamiliar with in our long and peaceful history all we can hope to be is a talking shop and not much else.

Arwin Mesquita, I believe that you should be congratulated for your effort and ground work from which the movement should take encouragement and attempt to grow from. It is not going to be easy and it does not need me to say it I am sure. But here is where we have to prove our mettle.

It would be nice to have like minded people who we can absolutely trust and whose ideas, however trivial are of genuine concerns rather then hoping to impress the group by their interlect.

Another thing it is important to stay focused on what is achieveable and measureable rather then going for lofty unachieveable aims. None of this requires people with any more then common sense and purpose.