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Goa's Identity Movement

Dear Goans,

This message is only for those concerned, on the threat to Goa's Unique Identity. We don't have to sacrifice our rich essence (which has developed over a long time) or abandon our home GOA, to be part of the Global Community. In fact, by keeping our Identity & our Home, we can contribute in a much better/meaningful manner to India & the World. Our Identity is our key untapped strength; preserving it will indirectly instill self-confidence, direction, energy, values & self-pride within Goans; which will not only maximise each ones personal ventures but also on the whole, make our community, a powerful & well respected asset, to the Indian/Global Community.

Various Movements in Goa have started on the same. All Goans including Non Residents need to support and power the cause. Goa is deteriorating today mainly because, we are letting it happen. Let's not regret tomorrow that we did not act today. This is not about, being against other people; it is only about preserving who we are and what Goa is, in a civilized manner. This right applies to all Identities, across India and the World Over.

With our expertise, resources & even minimum time, we can work together as one force and make it happen. I believe that we can do it. I believe that we can find solutions, to most of the obstacles/anomalies. Please see BELOW my proposed plan, on how I think we should act. Kindly feed back your views

Arwin Mesquita. Abu Dhabi/Colva
Goa’s Identity Movement - (Proposal)

Mission: Preserve Goa’s Identity via a Consistent/Persistent, Civilized Mass Global Goan Movement.

1) Goa’s Identity is seriously deteriorating and has undoubtably reached a crisis situation; it’s now or never!!
2) Can no longer allow the corrupt/greedy few in collusion with specific outside elements, to destroy our home & our identity.
3) Misconceptions/False Propaganda amongst/to Goans; on the need to preserve Goa’s Identity.
4) Mistrust/Pessimism amongst Goans about various groups, persons, past efforts etc which hamper a successful united front.
5) Global Goans Individual Strengths put together, can have an extremely powerful impact.

1) Launch a Massive Co-ordinated Global Goan PR awareness, on at least the fundamentals & need of Goa’s Identity (unique selling point).
2) Establish/establish a strong network of Global Goans to work together with Resident Goans.
3) Lobby for Government legislations on Banning Sale of Land to all Non-Goans & also Migrant Control policies.
4) Maximize usage of Konkani (Devnagiri & Roman Script) and Propagation of Culture in Goa and with Global Goans.
5) Propose plans for development/economy of Goa and employment of Goans in lines with Goan Interests. (Goa by Choice for Goans)

1) No political affiliations/obligations and will work solely for the cause of Goan Identity.
2) Need to guard against vested powers derailing a “just” movement e.g. False Xenophobic Allegations, Quoting the constitution.
3) A non-profit volunteer movement, which would provide sponsors with clear account/receipts on agreed campaigns.
4) A non violent civilized movement that will work with any group/person irrespective, but only for the said objectives/Goa’s Identity.
5) Will welcome new ideas, suggestions & possible revisions to Objectives/Action plans, if it’s within the interests of Goa’s Identity.

Action Plan:
1) Launch a massive co-ordinated Global Goan PR awareness, on at least, the fundamentals of Goa’s Identity (unique selling point).
A. Setup a Global Website to co-ordinate the awareness campaign in addition to other action plans.
B. Highlight facts that most communities despite promoting globalisation enact controls to safeguard their identities (1) More Western Laws vs. immigrants (2) UAE allows non-locals to buy land with safeguards e.g. e.g. No Expatriate Political Rights, No Citizenship, Restrictive Real Estate Buying laws including 99 year lease etc. to ensure that the UAE remains with its people.
C. Monthly advertisements on Agreed Identity Basics in newspapers, sponsored by Goans who can pay direct to the respective papers.
D. Awareness meetings in various parts of Goa/outside Goa with significant Goan populations. Encourage Goans to blitz the media/government.
E. Setup an Expert Group to answer questions on misconceptions to Goans, on at least the fundamentals of Goa’s Identity.

2) Establish/establish a strong network of Global Goans to work together with Resident Goans.
A. Website to maintain network & respective communication. Need to co-ordinate with all Goans irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion.
B. Monthly Communication with Various Global Goans.
C. Set up a database of Goans in various regions, fields, freedom fighters, important positions (meet with them to discuss the cause).
D. Meeting of Non Resident Goans with respective Local Goans in Goa & outside, where significant amount of Goans reside.
E. Take up the issue of getting NRI VOTING RIGHTS immediately with Commissioner for NRI Affairs.

3) Lobby for Government legislations on Banning Sale of Land to Non-Goans & also Migrant Control policies.
A. Meet up with all 40 MLA’s and address the Goa Assembly, to act on same for safeguarding, Goa’s Unique Selling Point.
B. Get the Government to implement immediately what is possible, within Constitution and on studying legislations from other states.
C. We need to seriously start looking at negotiating Constitution Provisions, as Goa has a just basis for the same:
Ø Have a Goan Legal team to look at all legal/historical aspects of India’s Goa acquisition dating back to the 1961.
Ø Goa had no input to current constitution, i.e. India acquired Goa later; can Goa get/demand special constitutional provisions as other states.
Ø Surely The Constitution should decimate any Indian Identity!! It’s not cast in stone; for just basis, should be modified to protect the people.
D. Meet with freedom fighters & people responsible for Goa’s liberation to ascertain the facts/promises on India’s acquisition of Goa.
E. Get the Goa Government to start an urgent dialogue with the Central Government, on how Goa can protect its identity (unique selling point).

4) Maximize usage of Konkani (Devnagiri & Roman Script) and Propagation of Culture in Goa and with Global Goans.
A. Get the Goa Assembly to use Konkani (Devnagiri & Roman) at all communication (business, public signs etc) in Goa.
B. Ask Goa’s Musicians of all communities to volunteer participating in a Well Publicised Mega Star Goan Musical Show in Goa & Possibly overseas, to POWER the Identity Issue (Local Sponsors could support setup costs in Goa; Overseas Goans towards setup/travel/lodging costs)
D. Meet with Goa’s Cultural Communities and formulate a plan, to spearhead a cultural revolution and spread the message via tiatrs, plays etc
C. Emphasis via Public Relation (PR) and Press the importance of Konkani to Goa’s Identity.
E. Convince Overseas Goan Associations to start introducing Konkani at various events, in addition to local language/English.

5) Propose plans for development/economy of Goa and employment, in line with Goan Interests. (Goa by Choice for Goans)
A. Get Facts on the current development/economic and employment policy via RTI etc and possibly propose a complete revamp.
B. Experts to Study above in detail with SWOT methodology i.e. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
C. Experts to propose Economic policies maximizing strengths e.g. Tourism currently mismanaged, correct weaknesses & suggest opportunities.
D. Experts to propose Employment policies maximizing strengths e.g. Tourism can prioritise Goans at higher pay scales & suggest opportunities.
E. Experts to Study Welfare Policies of other States/Countries e.g. Canadian Famed Health Policy/Social Security etc; to introduce in Goa.
With development, employment, welfare plans in place, Goans would be encouraged to return. i.e. addressing the very issues which
Have caused Goans to leave the state; and of course start reducing migrations of Goans from Goa.

Proposed by Arwin Mesquita, Abu Dhabi/Colva. Dated: 21st April 2008

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California refugee said...

My parents are both Goan. I was raised elsewhere. I chanced upon your blog and I applaud your efforts on highlighting the issues in Goa. For someone like myself who is out of touch I am amazed. Are you the only person voicing this "preservation"?