Saturday, 14 June 2008

Employment Solutions – Goa

I left Goa “temporarily” reluctantly, due to lack of opportunities. Many with me agree the need, to seriously address, opportunities in Goa for Goans passing out annually from various educational bodies. We could also create opportunities for Goan’s to return home. Lack of opportunities in Goa, is one main reason for our Identity Erosion.

But I don’t support proposals which employ’s Majority Non-Goans without safeguards; to an extent that Goan/Goa is no longer relevant!! I hear views advocating a one-track approach for development; at times with the Globalisation view. I think with the latter, we loose focus on the Objective i.e. “Opportunities for Goans with a balanced need to preserve Goan Identity”. There has to be ways that works best for us. With Respect, we are not against Non-Goans but safeguards are must to preserve our Identity. Let’s debate, discuss & agree a model that works for Goa. We need to think strategically with a vision & avoid quick fixes. Let’s think differently & agree solutions that could also be a model for other threatened Identities. We should Think Global but Act Local.

Can we Set up a High Level Expert Committee with key people from (A) Government (B) Local Experts (3) Goans returned home (4) Overseas Goans(I think many spend considerable time in Goa) (4). This committee can use multiple ways to agree solutions; one could be open forums where opinions are raised, shared & common points are agreed and at least start to be done in parts. Forums could be by (A) Holding Area wise meetings in Goa (B) Identify Key times when Many Overseas Goans are home & then have meetings with Goans in Goa. Please appreciate the need to be united in this effort to do what we agree, is best for Goa & Goan identity.

I can volunteer my time from abroad or when in Goa for the same. When next in Goa, I’ll try meeting with Key Goans to push for idea. I will contact Overseas Goans & NRI Commissioners Office, to get their views/support. Of course if anyone has better idea/different approach, they are welcome to propose.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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