Saturday, 14 June 2008


WE CAN STILL SAVE GOA AND ITS THREATENED PRIZED IDENTITY IN A POSITIVE, CIVILISED AND CONSTRUCTIVE MANNER.For Goans concerned, but show helplessness to act e.g. Non Residents saying that they are far away or Resident Goans saying that nothing will help, etc please allow me to suggest the following, practical action points: (A) Media/Awareness Blitz: (1) Write regularly (few words at least) to the local papers/media (Work to create awareness and change the attitude of Goans; in Goa & Overseas)
(2) Internationalise/Nationalise issues that are destroying Goa. E.g. Excessive Mining, Unnecessary Mega-projects, Slums/Vote Bank Politics etc (this can help put pressure on the Government to act for Goa & Goans)
(3) NRG’s should raise critical Goan Issues with respective Goan Organisations in overseas countries and agree at lease some minimal action for Goa.
(B) Political Blitz: (1) Email/Post letters to the President, Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister, Opposition Leader and all 40 MLA's (or at least one MLA) to Save Goa & Its Identity (2) Conduct a well publicized signature campaign in your respective areas, addressed to Indian Government, Goa Governor, Goa Government, Opposition, Media and as many MLA’s possible; this will not only spread significant awareness but also put pressure to act for Goa.
(3) Civilized Protest against Goan Politicians visiting overseas and challenge them with critical issues facing Goa. (E.g. a Black Band Protest)(C) Adopt your area (Non Resident Goans in particular): (1) Take time to understand the critical issues facing your village/town. (2) Identify with genuine activists on the ground, who are addressing the respective issues.(3) Network with others in your overseas region; who from your home village/town.(4) Agree support to local activists; if possible jointly with overseas colleagues.(5) Financing activists (if needed) can be done on an issue basis; transparent & clearly accounted.IMAGINE THE IMPACT, if countless Goans act on the same & do not stop!! Key is persistence. This will send a very strong message demanding action & undoubtedly fuel a VERY STRONG UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM amongst Goans, to rise & speak/act. Having addressed the above points with a few others and seen the reaction for myself; I am confident that more joining will simply amplify the effort i.e. the combined action will be extremely powerful!! BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF ONE; YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!LET'S START THE BALL ROLLING FOR GOA AND ITS IDENTITY. THE TIME HAS COME FOR EACH ONE OF US TO SPEAK UP OR ACT. WHAT WE SAY OR DO NOW WILL DECIDE THE FATE OF GOA & GOANS. PLEASE SPREAD THIS MESSAGE.

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