Saturday, 14 June 2008

Not So Simple

Opposition to mega-projects/land sales for Non-Goans are argued by some critics on a "one simple logic" i.e. Goans can buy real estate elsewhere so outsiders can do same in Goa. Simple logic? I don't think so. Surely we appreciate that each community has its unique characteristics and one simple logic cannot be followed for all e.g. Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir etc which have special status.

Globally, many countries allows real estate purchases but please note that each have different controls to ensure that FIRST their identity/interests are safeguarded e.g. UAE allowing non-locals to buy real estate on 99 year lease, Western Countries continuosly improvising already strict immigration norms. To re-iterate, they have different policies within reason, so as to not sell themselves out completely. Can I ask why all these Countries not just follow One Simple Logic?

In India, critics please focus on the core issue and not the 1 track "simple" logic. Each community has its core issues to be safeguarded first and then only relevant real estate purchases can be allowed. For example, is the deterioration of Identity an issue for Maharashtrians or Goans today? Surely Goans will not oppose real estate sales to Non-Goans, if this did not threaten our identity. Will Maharashtra/Others not do the same if they faced the same threat? Goa's core issue is its unique identity which is being threatened mainly because of its different characteristics/size vs. others; hence what works in other states cannot apply to Goa. Do the critics not selflessly understand that there is a real threat to Goan Identity? Yes, we are Indians but India is a not one single culture but a mosaic of so many identities; each one has a right to be preserved.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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