Saturday, 9 July 2011

Rich Goa Looted

Many Goans are working hard making a decent living or are engaged in selling off Goa to outsiders, so as to maintain to maintain a standard of living for themselves and their families. Many others migrate in false belief that Goa does not have much richness or opportunities for themselves. The fact is Goa is actually very rich and Goans do not have to resort to all of the latter. The sad truth is that most of Goa's Natural Wealth e.g. Iron Ore is being excessively looted and its natural beauty is being destroyed for huge selfish gains by ageing corrupt politicians and their families. The Richness of Goa is only benefitting the very few, with most of them being long time politicians and their privileged political associates/backers. These Anti Goan Politicians who are known to have be associated with smuggling, high level corruption, drug peddling, prostitution, physical attacks, criminal records, illegal land conversions and sales to outsiders etc ensure that (1) First their families have been taken care of with the best money has to offer including flashy expensive cars, (2) Secondly take care of their few privileged supporters and then (3) Thirdly distribute "Crumbs" to ordinary Goans i.e. sponsorships, cash rewards, alcohol, paying amenities etc to buy off gullible voters. Why are Goans satisfied with these "Crumbs" when they can have a very good life in Goa without these “Crumbs” should Goa’s Richness be shared fairly amongst all Goans.
Goans who actually glorify these Looting Anti Goan Politicians in Goa and Overseas are either (A) fully bought off with illegitimate funds by their Political God Fathers or (B) perhaps are naive, ignorant and really stupid!!
What we need in Goa is a true revolution to get rid of all of the rogues; in order to safeguard our beautiful state for the benefit of all Goans.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.