Saturday, 14 June 2008

The only Positive thing about SEZ's

The only positive thing about SEZ would be that thiscould be a strong WAKE UP call to Goans, for savingtheir identity. Goans should recognise that there areother issues which are also affecting this fast deterioration of identity; one of which is the high exodus of Goans to foreign lands.

While I fully appreciate that there are economic reasons for thesame, I appeal to Goans to consider the below points:(1) Please consider opportunities in Goa before takingdecisions to leave. I personally know individuals who could have done much better in Goa itself and alsoknow many for who earn salaries in the Gulf, which are not that significant to what they could have earned inGoa.(2) As an overseas Goan myself in the UAE, I appeal to fellow Goans to do our bit to reverse this threat.Today 40% of Goa's population is non-Goans; I am notagainst non-goans but believe that we have a right to preserve our land & identity; just like people in other States of India. Let us start using our resources to invest, create jobs & buy Land for Goans.For Gulf Goans, there is a strong trend to emigrate despite being financially well-off. In the wider perspective, it is strongly predicted that the economic focus is shifting from the current developedworld e.g. US, Western Europe, Australia etc to Asia;particularly India. We can see this shift happening today. So why are Goans going the other way? Doing it later will be too late because by then, there will be no Goa left for Goans!!(3) To the Goans already emigrated to foreign lands, Iam aware that many Goan Events are held and and think you all are doing great job of keeping Goa alive in those countries. But please appreciate that we need your help as well in the just cause; else in the future, Goan Identity will be present only outside Goa; and that too will die off naturally with no Goa left.Majority of Goans are concerned; both inside & outside Goa. But just being concerned is not enough; each of us need to act now. Let us stop complaining, making excuses and act instead. Each one of us can make adifference; in particular because we are not a very large community. In particular 40% of Goans reside outside Goa; to see it positively, these Goans are keyto saving Goa. If each one does even a small contribution then together, this will be a very massive effort to Save Our Goa and its Identity. This is our home and we should not loose it!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE

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