Saturday, 14 June 2008

Goan Identity is NOT Anti-Indian.

Is the need for Goa to preserve her Identity, Anti-Indian? I surprisingly notice some using the “Indian card” to oppose a genuine issue. (A) They don’t understand the real perspective of India or (B) Vested Interests trying to intimidate concerned Goans.

Concerned Goans are not Anti-Indians or are any less Patriotic!! India is NOT ONE language/religion/culture/community/identity etc but a Great Country based on UNITY IN DIVERSITY; that’s why we have many states with its different Identities. Goa also has a unique identity; blend of east & west and contributes to this rich mosaic; culture & identity of India. So what’s wrong in preserving Goa’s part of the mosaic? We don’t advocate separation from India or Violence; We request peaceful dialogue to address the issue fairly. Is this wrong in a Democracy?

I think 4 major factors of Goan Identity are People, Culture, Language & Land. Let’s face these honestly and not be in Denial. Those valuing our Identity & think differently are welcome to give their views on what constitutes Goan Identity. We can have an honest, open/frank dialogue.
We should address the 4 factors urgently. Many have given proposals/suggestions or acted on the same; then there are the critics. Of course, all have right to criticize (civilized way of course) but to criticize is easy; I request the critics to give alternatives; if they don’t agree with views given. If the critics have something else then let’s go with/support the same or can start a dialogue, on what works best.

With respect, Each State has its unique characteristic; so we can’t generalize that what works in one, should also work in another. Goa with its small size/population is a unique exception. Surely the founding fathers of Our Great Country had the best intentions & did not want to decimate any identity; else something would have been done at the time of framing the constitution. Unfortunately, Goa joined the India Union much later.

Maybe the critics are not interested in Goan Identity or think it’s irrelevant. Well it is their view; I hope this is not the view of Majority of Goans; who only can decide on our Identity. Irrespective, Concerned Goans should be persistent; constantly express their views or act in a peaceful/civilized way; with the hope to mobilize Goans to preserve our identity.

Arwin Mesquita.

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