Saturday, 14 June 2008

Mass Movement Required to Save Goa's Identity.

Dear Goans,

To my concern, I was asked at the Jan07 GlobalConference to forward a proposal to protect & preserve Goan Identity/Land & was to get a reply in a months time. Its more than a month, since my proposal was presented & I am still waiting.

I am convinced that what we seriously need is acivilised mass movement using the tool of democracy to demand that our elected representatives initiate a concrete plan preserve & protect Goan Identity/Land.

In addition, Overseas Goans should mobilise Goans in respected foreign countries to do what possible to help in this urgent cause.

There is a saying that we will never know what we have until we have lost it!! Let's act now or the latter statement will be the unfortunate fact for Goa, its Identity & its people.

Arwin Mesquita

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