Saturday, 14 June 2008

Governments Stance On Goan Land

Senior Goa Cabinet ministers stated that the problem is mainly because Goans are selling the land.

I am disappointed with this view and disagreecompletely based on the below points:-This is a relevant issue as the very Goan Identityand ties to the soil are threatened. Yes, we can buy in other states but those respectivestates/populations are large enough to withstand identity change.-Certain critical areas has to be controlled by theGovernment where the local society can be affectede.g. Traffic, Stock Market, Insurance, Economic orProtection policies etc which are done by India andeven advanced countries like the US and France.

-One main reason the price of land has shot up;various politicians in the Government and Panchayats,who have been paid huge sums to clear land illegallyand support huge projects for Non-Goans elite. Not tomention threats and intimidation.I request each and every Goan to start with the firststep and demand that MLA focus on the issue ofof "Goan Identity/Land" and flood the media with demands.Let us start doing our bit for Goa before it is toolate. Equally I hope that at least 1 Goan MLA has thecourage to address and action this very important issue.One idea could be a formation of acell in the Government which (A) Starts a dialoguewith the central government on how to preserve Goanidentity and (B) Identifies opportunities to protectGoan Land, Jobs, Culture, Language and interest.

Will this decade will known for liberation of Goa from the Goans or will we do something to prevent it!! Let us look at "Can do" NOT "Cannot Do"

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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