Saturday, 14 June 2008

My Message to All Goans Worldwide

Dear Goans,

I am very pleased to know about World Goa Day & other Goan Events held regularly across the world; and am sincerely grateful to the pioneers/organizers of these events. I appreciate that a lot of passion & hard work is involved, not only for the events but also in the normal co-ordination of Goans across the globe, which in itself is an incredible task.

Kindly allow me to ask the question; what is each one of us doing to preserve & strengthen in GOA; Our Home, Our Culture & Our Identity? It is good that the sole aim of the Global Goans Alliance is on the latter question and I am aware of projects being done to address the cause. I have seen with pride, Goan activities worldwide by Goan Associations.

The primary issue is the deterioration of our Culture & Identity in our home state Goa, which I appreciate we all understand, that if lost there, the same will also start vanishing overseas. My view is that each and every Goan has an obligation to address this issue and will know of how he/she can contribute. The reality is that although Goans are concerned, the majority have a passive attitude and seem to be content in leaving the issue to the minority,who are working hard to reverse the trend; for the benefit of all Goans. We can no longer stay in state of denial as our very existence is at stake!!

Yes, the world is going through a Globalization but, please let us look at it in a clearer perspective. Even advanced countries e.g. US, UK, France, Australia are working towards norms for immigration e.g. English Language, French Culture/Integration etc. So even with immigration, they want the essential culture/identity of these countries to remain. Many communities today worldwide are fighting for a homeland and in this regard we should not take Goa for granted. If Goa goes, we will only realize too late, what we have lost for ourselves and for our children. In my opinion, each individual needs a sense of belonging & identity.

First & Foremost, Our attitude has to change: if we think that the battle is lost then unfortunately this will be the end result. All efforts of our earlier leaders i.e. Anti-Merger, Language etc. will be in vain. I believe that we still have the passion and capabilities to address the issue and reverse the trend. One fact as a weakness is that, Goa has seen a huge migration of Goans which is understandable for economic reasons, but now this can be our biggest STRENGTH with not only the resources at hand, but also the Best of Global Skills gained. Let us start now giving back to Goa; we owe it that much. Let us put our words, love and passion into action for Goa.

The clock is ticking; the time to act is now. We Goans wherever we are, will be responsible for the final outcome.Yes, Goa has its positive and negative realities; but the bottom line is that it is our HOME, which we should always REMEMBER.

Dev Borum Korum,
Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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nandes.iggy said...

Dear Arwin,
How can I help I am a motor technician living in U.K. A shastikar from Borda in origin lived a number of years in Kenya.I go to Goa at least once a year stay in hotels in Margao though I have a flat that was started in 2002 and still not completed till now. There are too many migrants in Margao I cannot get by speaking Konkani as most people speaqk either Hindi or English. What are we to do the niz Goenkars.