Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Deteriorating Benaulim

For the last so many elections; even going back into the previous decades, Benaulim has elected (and re-elected) MLA's who have only made the constituency worse. It appears that there is one sure way of winning the Benaulim seat again & again i.e. have the most amount of cash, entice/buy the gullible electorate, have a lavish PR campaign/celebration and you are sure of winning. And after the win, there is no obligation to improve the Constituency, as most people are all too happy to sell their souls for the “goodies” that they get from the MLA's and give the respective MLA a free hand to keep on destroying this beautiful constituency. It does not matter what the source of funds are, that this MLA has at his/her disposal i.e. corruption, illegalities, destruction of Goa etc to give away the “goodies”. Today there are very serious problems in Benaulim, as a result of all the in-competent & corrupt MLA’s who have bought their way to power, over the last so many years/decades i.e. disgusting Colva beach, garbage & sewage crisis, land filling, land/water contamination, mega-project monstrosities, RP2021 in-consistencies, Threat of MOPA etc and it is only the few specific activists in Benaulim who are fighting this onslaught, for the benefit of all Benaulikars. The Majority Voters who have elected the MLA do not question the MLA on the total performance failure and keep on enjoying their selfish benefits, whilst their village continues to deteriorate. And once the MLA has seriously damaged one constituency, he moves to the other. But perhaps I am completely wrong and maybe most Benaulikars know best and actually want their Constituency to be deteriorated further, by electing the people that they prefer to be in Power!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Goa’s Freedom Fighters & Liberation Day (19 Dec)

Why are Goa’s Freedom Fighters silent today on the critical issues facing Goa and Its Identity? Serious issues like rampant corruption, mega-project rampage, indiscriminate/illegal mining, migrant vote-banks, and sale of Goan land to outsiders by Politicians etc are ignored by Freedom Fighters today, who instead focus on un-Important Issues. We can understand Real/Genuine Freedom Fighters, who are either no longer with us (unfortunately) or not in a position today at their current age, to act or voice out their opinions. The Other Fake Freedom fighters are not acting for Goa for possibly the following reasons:(1) Their intentions for Goa were never right from the start (Pre-Liberation) and they were working at the behest of vested interests, actually working against Goa & Goans. (2) They are on the Government Payroll (at Taxpayers expense) and have only their selfish interests in mind.(3) They want try for more benefits from the State (again at Taxpayers expense) by making their presence felt, via attacking useless un-important issues!! Now these Fake Freedom Fighters will participate in the so Called “Liberation Day” on 19th December and make another mockery of Goa & Goans; who must realize what is being celebrated here, Is it Liberation of Goa from the Portuguese or it is actually the Liberation of Goa from the Goans?Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Real Estate Goans

There are Goans too lazy to do anything constructive or think of good business ventures which could take a little more effort, so they do the easiest thing that is available to them i.e. get into Real Estate. My question to each of them is: after you have sold our priceless land to outsiders, facilitated the building lobby to sell apartments to outsiders, made Goa Non-Goan, destroyed Goa's pristine & clean environment, polluted land/air/water, converted fields illegally with the help of corrupt politicians, destroyed hills/beaches, converted Goa from a paradise into a living hell etc, what will be you next line of business; as surely you know that Goa has limited land? Who/What will you sell next? Surely you do not care about your future generations or the fate of Goans in the future with respect to Health, Quality of Life, Identity etc so I will not bother questioning you all on this particular point!!
Arwin Mesquita, UAE