Monday, 6 February 2012

Pseudo Religious Goans

I find it quite outrageous to see frequent mention of known Anti Goans as Hindu/Catholic/Muslim Politicians. Today these respected religions are actually being insulted, by so many MLA's tagging themselves to either of these great faiths.These Anti Goans, many of whom today have Senior Positions in the Goa Government are evil to the core i.e. Drug Lords, Smugglers, Prostitution, Criminals, Scamsters, Destruction of the Environment, High levels of corruption etc. As a Catholic myself, I am disgusted with the names of Prominent "Catholic in name" Ministers who are involved in so many horrific/corrupt activities, which is destroying our beautiful state of Goa. It is high time we examine our conscience and see if we (Local & Non Resident Goans) are actually in some manner, supporting these Pseudo Religious Ministers/MLA's who use religion as a tool for political mileage; which allows them to continue in power for their destructive activities in Goa. If we (Hindus/Catholic/Muslim) do, then we are also pseudo religious people, living in sheer balant hypocrisy, of the true teachings of our respective great faiths!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Goa's Flawed Justice

Crores of scams are being reported in Goa and sometimes one hope's that the Ministers involved will face appropriate action. But the strange thing is mostly nothing happens to these Corrupt Anti Goan Politicians, who appear assured that nothing will happen to them. So is there really true/good justice in India/Goa? And because of the state of Flawed Justice in Goa, these politicians do what they want with even more arrogance. I feel that the Investigative Agencies have no credibility and are actually tools of the Central Government to keep MLA's in check, via blackmail. For Instance we know well that Goan MLA's were recently investigated by Central agencies but then these very MLA's were given Party tickets; so what is the Hypocrisy here? Why is it that many Goan MLA's have suddenly become so wealthy in a matter of some years and their source of funds are not investigated? Goans need to think of this when they go out to vote on March 3rd 2012, on how Governments is fooling us in their greed for Power; so that they can continue with the destruction of Goa's Land, Environment and Identity!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.