Sunday, 27 September 2009

Indian colonialism - Ashburn and Leron Pereira, Porvorim
Indian colonialism - Ashburn and Leron Pereira, Porvorim
Arwin Mesquita, in his letter ‘Review Goa’s Liberation (Herald, 22 Sep) says that “we need to have an urgent post-liberation analysis of Goa”. Was Goa liberated or conquered?During the 1500s India never existed as a separate country. The Indian subcontinent under the British Raj basically consisted of British India and the Princely states. India came into existence only after the British left in 1947. No one is in doubt that the Portuguese conquered Goa in the 1500s. Before that, Goa was in a state of constant siege. The Portuguese gave Goa stability after they took over and put up a valiant front against the enemy forces, till the invasion and expulsion by India’s troops in December 1961. According to the landmark judgment delivered by the Supreme Court, Goa was ‘conquered’ by India and not ‘liberated’ from the Portuguese. Also, according to the UN resolution 1514 (XV), Goa is listed as ‘invaded’. We have now undergone 47 years of corrupt Indian colonial rule over our Goa.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Goa’s Identity Movement holds Meeting in Dubai - UAE.

Goa’s Identity Movement, in co-ordination with the Goan Sodality group, held its Meeting at Saint Mary Church Hall in Dubai, on Friday 4th September 2009. The President of Goan Sodality, Mr. Cajetan Coelho started off the well attended meet with a brief introduction and Fr. Michael Cardozo ended the same, with a call for Goans to wake up for the love of Goa. The Meeting included a deeply moving documentary on Goa’s current horrific destruction (Prepared by Mr. Rajan Parrikar - USA), a comprehensive presentation by Mr. Arwin Mesquita, with the overall vision i.e. “TO HAVE WORLD CLASS STATE WITH A UNIQUE IDENTITY; which was followed by a detailed discussion by all. There was a unanimous view that Goans should concentrate on what we “CAN DO” in a positive & civilized manner, to save Goa & preserve its unique identity.The participants agreed time bound action points and also highlighted the critical requirement for Goans to be united, for the cause. The Goan Sodality team and Mr. Benedict Lobo played a key role, in organizing this meeting in Dubai. The Movement will co-ordinate further action via its website
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Arwin Mesquita – UAE.