Monday, 21 June 2010

Reduce Goan Political Hyprocrisy (Kuwait Goan Example)

The recent widely publicized rivalry among mainly Kuwait Goans leaders/members in Kuwait Goan Association(s) has prompted me share my views, on some negatives of our Goan Mentality. Just to re-iterate 2 POINTS : (A) I am NOT supporting or opposing any particular person or group of people (B) This is just an example of Kuwait but the same negatives can be seen amongst Goans (many but perhaps not all) in other countries and in GOA itself.

My observation is at the Higher Level as an independent observer i.e.:
I understand that the loud noise from Kuwait was on financial allegations & wrong-doings by Goans as leaders/members of Goan Association(s). Which begs the question....? Why was there not an EVEN LOUDER noise when the most corrupt & tainted MLA's/ Ministers were on a well publicized/sponsored visit in Kuwait recently, and these so called Heroes, were dined & facilitated by many/specific Kuwait Goans; who are members/leaders of Goan Associations?

These MLA's are well known for their Anti-Goan Policies e.g. SEZ's, Mega Projects, Destructive Mining, Selling Jobs etc all in the objective of realizing huge amounts of illegitimate incomes; Surely the Astronomical Incomes by these MLA's makes any other Goan Financial Scandals Overseas, a "petty issue" in huge comparison? These Specific Politicians are primarily responsible today for Selling Goa to Outsiders, Forcing Goans to migrate due to (A) their compliance with corruption, (B) Faulty Employment polices favoring Outsiders (3) Asking for huge kick backs even for even genuine projects etc but strangely all this appears to be tolerated. If at all Goans are genuinely opposing financial and related wrong doings, why are these tainted politicians who are committing even bigger wrong doings being spared?

It is high time that we Goans reduce our Political Hypocrisy. Many have all the time to have our "petty" fights in Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and elsewhere; but are too hesitant to spend our precious time/energy/resources where it really matters; and to fight the real/bigger enemies of Goa & Goans!!
Arwin Mesquita (UAE)