Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Love For Goa And Konkanni Is Synonymous (Freddy Fernandes - Dubai/UAE)

Mother Tongue is supposed to be the language of the natives, which most often than not, is one factor that binds the locals together, it is so embalmed in their culture, that it gives them a distinct Identity, it also becomes a medium used to express or communicate among the locals and it is also a medium that all the locals adept to very easily, universally this is supposed to be true but not in the case of Goans. Goans say that their Mother Tongue is Konkanni, but for some unknown reasons, Goans in Mumbai prefer to speak in Marathi, Hindi or English but not in Konkani, the Goan Diaspora spread all over the world, proudly speak in English, most of them don’t even acknowledge that Konkanni is their Mother Tongue, worse still are the educated Goans in Goa, who prefer to speak in English rather than in Konkanni, what are we trying to prove ? What are we trying to show ? We say we are Goans and we love Konkanni but when it come to proving it, we fall way short in our commitment towards Konkanni.

We all say we love Goa and we love Konkanni, but when it comes to giving Konkanni it’s due place, we fail to deliver. We have become victims of our own insecure ideology, where we think speaking English puts us on higher strata of society. The Goan Diaspora community is the only community that that does not project it’s Mother Tongue “Konkanni”, be it in our family gathering, community gathering or even Goan conventions, Konkanni is seldom used as the means of communication. We like to show off our acquired skills in a language that had ruled, most part of India for more than 400 years, there is no doubt that English is an international language and comparatively, we Goans can match anyone on the globe in English, that does not mean we should neglect our Mother Tongue and treat it disgracefully.

It is so good to see the Mangalorean Community never falling short in their commitment towards Konkanni, so why should we Goans be any less committed to the cause of Konkanni ? At present, Goans in Goa and the Goan Diaspora spread all over the world, say we love Goa and Konkanni and would protect both by whatever means, but unfortunately, fail to show it by our deeds.

If Konkanni is loosing it’s hold in Goan families, it is the elders of the family, that are to be blamed, it is the elders in the family who have to show their love for Konkanni and have to make sure that our children learn and love our Mother Tongue. Our Children in the Gulf and rest of the world, hardly speak a word of Konkanni nor do they understand it, if we don’t teach our children Konkanni and our culture, who will carry forward our Identity and our culture ?
We try to give our children the best in everything, so why not Konkanni ? It’s so pathetic when the younger generation are made to utter a few sentences in Konkanni during a function, which do not sound anything like Konkanni, why do we have add insult to injury or rub salt and vinegar, to the already open wounds of Mother Konkanni ? Why may I ask, why ? It does stretch the limits of credulity.

Once, there was a time when, I myself was a victim of my own thinking, showing off my accented English in public and look for reactions, even if people spoke to me in Konkanni, I would reply in English, but soon I was made to realize that I was not only ungrateful and not being fair to my Mother Tongue but was also insulting my Mother Tongue, whom I should be honouring instead, it was then that I took a vow to speak Konkanni and uphold the cause of Konkanni, irrespective of the what others did around me. The very idea of reading and writing Konkanni was repulsive and never cared a damn about it, but today I can proudly say that I can read very well and write reasonably too and I am still learning. I am sure that if I have done it, so can every Goan too.
If you really love Goa and our culture, speak in Konkanni and spread the Goan flavour and the essence of Konkanni all around you, if not, there is nothing we can do about it, but for God’s sake stop calling yourself a GOAN

Freddy Agnelo Fernandes Dubai , UAE.

Monday, 9 November 2009

English Speech - Freddy Agnelo Fernandes (Global Goan Convention 2009 - Muscat, Oman)

Goa yesterday, Goa Today, will there be Goa tomorrow ?

Your Excellency Mr. Anil Wadhwa, the Indian Ambasador to the Sultanat of Oman, Your Excellency Mr. Eduardo Faleiro , Honourable Commissioner for NRI Affairs, Government of Goa, The Honourable Home Minster of Goa, Mr. Ravi Naik, distinguished guests and my fellow Goans, It’s most certainly a privilege and honour to be standing here infront of you at this Global Goan 2009 Convention and I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mario De Souza for giving me this honour of speaking to you lovely people on the occasion. I would also like to thank The Oman Goan Community and wish them all success and blessings from above.

Are we all Goans ? (awating reply) I ask thee once again, are we all Goans, yes, we are all Goans, but remember, it’s not just enough to say we are Goans, to be a blue blooded Goan, one needs to have a heart of a true Goan in his chest and an unflinching Goan tongue in his mouth, along with the courage and resolve running through his veins to protect Mother Goa from the ravaging scavengers that are out to destroy and mutilate her.

I would like to request our most distinguished dignitaries, not to be offended at my references to the politicians and the political atmosphere in Goa but to look at it as flaws that are very much prevalent in our administration in Goa, to be precisely looked into and work towards corrective actions thereafter for the betterment of Goa and Goans.

I would like to start my talk with a quote that enthralls me even today “time and tide waits for no man” Yes, my dear Goans, time and tide waits for no man, today is of the essence, who has seen tomorrow ? Tomorrow never comes and it is very much a fact. So what we need to do today, should not be kept for tomorrow, today is the day, we might not be there tomorrow, time and tide waits for no man, For a better tomorrow, for our children, today is the day to start, today is the day to resolve, let today be the day of retribution, let tomorrow reflect our today.

We are gathered here today, for this Global Goan 2009 convention, with the theme “The Gulf Goan.” We as Goans, all have our dreams and aspirations for Goa and would love to be in Goa, but the big question is, what do we go back to or what awaits us in Goa ?
Our beautiful Goa, that once was, was known for it’s scenic breathtaking natural beauty, it enthralled young and the old, foreigners (world wide) as well as local tourist, it was acclaimed as the Rome of the east, a prized jewel on India’s crown, visitors delight, that could not be quenched with any number of visits, as they always left wanting more of it. Tourists do not come to see concrete jungles, nor do they come to see bald hills and mountains or the scorched plains either, what attracted them to Goa, was the natural beauty and it is this factor that we need to protect, preserve, nourish and harness to develop our tourism industry.
When we think of the good old days, it is the simplicity, the generosity and the love of our people, that comes to mind, the care free days breathing fresh air and drinking clean water, home grown food and the fresh fish that we ate, it was all so cheap and affordable, we had no worry whatsoever, visitors were welcome, doors were open twenty four to anyone and everyone. That was nostalgic Goa. Do we have that now ? Or better still, can we afford to do that now ? NO !
What is Goa today ? In the name of development we have destroyed our natural beauty, hill cutting and land filling have destroyed agricultural land and forest cover and have placed extra burden on the already overburdened limited infrastructure, as a result of which there have been uproars against mega housing, all over Goa. Can Goans afford to pay the exorbitant rates of these mega housing units ? NO, so if Goans cannot afford, for whom are they built, and why ? This leads to destructive development, which, Goa, does not require at the moment. We have to analyze our problems and seek answers. There is no denying that we have a major problem with the supply of the basic amenities like water and electricity, we are marching into the 21st century and we have electricity and water supply, that has more and much longer interruptions then the commercial breaks during serials on the numerous TV channels and at times, they last for days, In some villages people light up their tube, even before 5PM, because come dusk, the tubes don’t light up for lack of power, wherever you go, you see people lining up their utensils at the public taps waiting for water to flow through or wait for tankers, so how can our Government justify the approvals for mega housing. We should not gobble more than, what we can swallow and should spread our legs as per the size of our bedding.
Mining is another evil that has devastated Goa. As per News Paper reports of 14th June, Speaker of the Goa’s Legislative Assembly went on record in stating that a number of politicians were involved directly or indirectly in illegal mining activities in Goa. It’s been stated that at present, there are at least 40 illegal mining operations being carried out in Goa. Even though all this stands out like a full blown sore eye, the Government acts blind to this monstrous issue. Even though the Supreme Court has banned mining within 1Km radius of protected areas, the Environment Ministry has given it’s nod for mining leases next to wild life sanctuaries in Goa.
How long will it be before the forest cover of Goa is totally destroyed and we are faced with the dilemma of an irreversible ecological disaster ? India’s forest policy clearly says that we should work towards 33% forest cover. So far, with more than 50% forest cover already destroyed by mining, this policy looks more like a crude joke on Goa’s environment, than an attempt to restore the imbalance. If the people who are supposed to implement these policies of their respective Governments, are themselves defaulters, what’s the purpose of these policies ? Reports have been pouring in, of the draining and dwindling of our water bodies due to mining, water is a very important necessity of life and for all developmental purposes man and nature has to move hand in hand and in ambience, and in our quest and vision for development and revenue enhancement, it is mandatory, that we maintain our ecological balance which is very essential for the very survival of mankind itself.

The world over, people are fighting tooth and nail, to save the environment but in Goa, we don’t give a rat’s back side for the environment. We are well aware of the affects of environmental degradation as a result of mining and the realities of it’s ramifications, are very frightening to even fathom. It is high time we voiced our concerns to this ever magnifying colossal catastrophe that’s staring at us in our face. Man’s greed has so overwhelmed his senses that he is become blind and seizes to see beyond the colour of money. The whole world is worried about the depleting ozone layer and our politicians are only adding to the woes of the global community with further reduction in green cover. The way our forests are being destroyed, 33% forest cover surely looks wishful thinking.

Our Ministers say that “the mining industry should continue to flourish, while having a minimum impact on the environment”. How long has mining been, going on in Goa ? And just what is the minimum impact that our esteemed ministers are looking for ? The silt deposited on our river beds threatening the natural flow of our rivers, the wells that have run dry, threatening humans lives. The loss of water bodies and pollution of the rest of the few left, which is threatening human and animal life. The fertile fields, that have been covered by mining deposits and become barren and scorched, threatening livelihood of people. The pitiful conditions of our roads in the mining areas, where there have been a number of fatal accidents. The houses and the lungs of the people in the mining areas that are like dust bags, affected by the air pollution and the sicknesses that have affected the lives of people and above all the destruction caused to our flora, fauna and our forest. Is all these minimum impact ? If this is minimum impact, what is maximum impact ? A nuclear holocaust ? Isn’t it a joke that mining was carried our since the days of Portuguese rule and till today we do not have a “mining policy” ? Whom are we waiting for ? Aliens to come from outer space and draft it for us ? At this point in time, it is most imperative, that we look at this, very delicate and demanding issues with a lot more seriousness and aggression if required and put an end to the destruction of our natural wealth and preserve it for our future generations.

The law and order situation in Goa, is at cross roads, crime is on the rise and corruption is runaway rain with no signs of slowing down. As long as rampant corruption persists, our Governments will continue to shake, wobble or even tumble as do the bridges they built and the law and order situation disintegrate faster than our roads in Goa. Corruption is a monumental obstruction towards progress and development. Until and unless we do away with corruption there will not be any constructive development.

Law and order situation in Goa is abysmal, how can the law and order improve, when law makers themselves are supporting and abetting, most of the criminal activities in Goa. The high handedness of our politicians and police is well known, where innocent people are victimized and criminals are patronized. The people who peacefully fight for justice and for their rights are often intimidated, harassed, wrongfully arrested and even threatened with encounter deaths, on the direction of the money power, of the miners and the builders.

We all know and are aware that our primary education and health services are in shambles, our hospitals, clinics and schools are in a despicable state, a visit to any hospital makes one often wonder if the patient is better off outside or in it ? So too with the schools, that’s the reason even poor people make a beeline to private schools and hospitals even though they cannot afford it.

What is the legacy that we want to leave for our future generations, we have to think and think hard, today, as “time and tide waits for no man”. The memories of Goa, of yester years, most certainly brings us nostalgia, but Goa of today only brings tears to our eyes and in our greed to accumulate wealth by destroying the beauty and sanctity of Goa, will there be Goa tomorrow ? It’s time we act to protect what’s dear to us, that we all claim we love so much, let not the love for Goa, be only on our lips, but show it by our deeds, we are running out of time. As I said at the start “time and tide waits for no man” let us all come together and put an end to the atrocities against mother nature today.

While our woes continued most of our MLA’s and Ministers have backed the money power of the miners and builders but during this time we have failed to hear Mr. Faleiro’s stand on this issue. It would certainly be good to hear from the man himself.

If we are to resurrect Goa from this decay, there is one viable option, elect people who are genuine and incorruptible, I am sure there will be a lot of people who love Goa and have a passion to do good for Goa and Goans sacrificing themselves for the service of others. We should not elect people who are only interested in themselves rather than others, working for their own personal good. For the last thirty years I have been seeing the same corrupt people running affairs in Goa, are there no other people who can do the job better than these ? My humble request to Mr. Faleiro, as a senior Congressman, please see that good genuine people are given tickets and not crooks, thugs and blackmailers.

Let me wind off with the words of our late Shri Ravindranath Tagore “Through all this turmoil and tragedy let my Goa awake”.

Save the environment, save Goa, India Jai ho ! Goa Jai ho ! Viva Goa

Thank you and may God bless Goa.

Konkani Speech - Freddy Agnelo Fernandes (Global Goan Convention - Muscat 2009)

Goyem kaal, Goyem aiz, Goyem faleam astolem ?

Your Excellency, the Indian Ambasador to the Sultanat of Oman Mr. Anil Wadhwa, Amchea sogleamchea volkicho ani apurbayecho Goy’cho put, videxi aslolea Bharat Nagrikamcho Commissioner manadik Shri. Eduardo Faleiro, her mukeli Soire ani mojea bhou mogall Goy’karano. Aiz vhod khuxallkai ani obhiman maka bhogta tumchea mukar ubo ravun bagh ghevounk hea no-via ak’kea sonvsarant ximpodlolea Goy’karamchea maha-mellaveant, ani upkar attoitam Dr. Mario-ache, thannem maka ho soyoug dhilo mhunn. Hanv tumcho abbari Dr. Mario. Argam attoitam Oman Goy’karanche ani magtham tumkam uppot bessanvam sorgimchim.

Hanv tumkam ek prosn vichartam ani ravtam tumi to sogot eka tallen ditoleat mhunn, Ami Goy’kar ? Anik ek paut tumkam vichartam, ami Goy’kar ? Khosle Goy’kar ? Nizache Goy’kar, Hoi ami nizache Goy’kar, sarkem asa, punn ami thondanuch nizache Goy’kar mhunn ucharlear zaina, ami tem khorneanim dhakovunk zai, amchea holddeant asunk zia, poile swater niz Goy’karachem khaliz, niz Goy’karachi Konkani jib amchea thondant ani Goy’mattecho mog, husko ani dhasti dhavunk zai amchea rogtant, rakhunk ani samballunk amche Goy’mattek, nistor mon’xeanchea hatatlim, je Goy’mattek broxtacharan bhorun thicho bolathkar korunk sodtat, thedna-ki amchean mhunnonk zata, ki, oi ami niz Goy’kar mhunnon. Asa hem amche sovem ? Ami khosle Goy’kar ? Jivak borem dislem itke soggot niz Gay’kar hangasor asat tem polloun.

Maghtam amchea mukeli Pauneam ani heram Soiream thaim, thannim okmanit zauvchem nhoi, jedna hanv uloitam amchea aamdharam ani rajkarbaream-chea khortutam voir, punn tem borea monan, somzun ani nittai-er haddunk vavurunk moji khalti maghnim tumche sovem.

Amche Maim baxen ek mhunni asa “vellachi ghoddi ani somdirachi sukti bhorti, khonnakuch ravona” “time and tide waits for no men” he mhunnent soglemch sott asam. Hoi, mogall Goy’karamno, vellachi ghoddi ani somdirachi sukti bhorti khonnakuch ravona, faleam kitem astolem vo kitem zat’tlem, khonnachean sangonk zait ? Faleam khonnen pollelam ? Aicho dis gorjecho, aichem kam faleam keddinch soddchem nhoi, mhunn amchea purvozani amkam sanglam. Amcho ani amchea burgeamcho fuddar boro zat’tlo zalear aizuch ami vauvrunk zai, aichea kortutamchem amkam faleam mukamoll distolem. Vellachi ghoddi ani somdirachi sukti bhorti khonnakuch ravona ! Time and tide waits for no man.

Aiz ami ektovleam, somsarant ximpodlolea Goy’karamchea maha-mellaveant “Galfant asl’lo Goy’kar” ho hettu ghevun. Videxant asl’lea dor eka Goy’karachi chintnam ani sopnam asta, ami kedna Goyeam pavtole-gai mhunn, punn hatunt ek motto prosn uprasta, Goy’eant amkam kitem rauvta ? What awaits us in Goa ? Or what do we go back to ?

Adlea temparlem bangarachem Goyem amchem, irrvea zadhamni borlelem, ghirestkayechem bhandar tem aslem, tiche ankvar suropayecho ani sundortayecho onnbhov ghevunk, baile desantle toxech purai Bharatant rauvpi zantte toxe nentte axeta-let, udenttechem Roma-xar mhunn ucharlolem, Bharat desheachea mukuttar loklokit thik mhunn pacharlolem, turistamchem tikkan mhunn porgottlolem, kitleai pauvti bhetton, thanchi thaan (thirst) bago nasli, anikui bhettonk tim axetalim, bailo lok ximittacheo vhod imaroti pollounk eanat, nam mhunnon vingle dongor vo nixonton zallim mollam, bailo lok ganvchea nitol swast vathavoranak ani ankwar suropayek bulta, ani hench ami sambalunk ani vadovunk moji sorkara thaim maghnim, and it is the natural beauty of Goa that needs to protected, preserved, nourished and harnessed to develop our tourism industry.

Ami addlea tempachem jednam chinttanv, (the good old days) tednam amkam, amchea sadeponacho, udharponacho, mog-moipasacho ugdas ieta, khoslich dhasti nastonam jietalet, swast vathavaranacho, swas ghevun, nitol udik pieun, ghorchem pikoilem jevon jevun, ani somdirantlem tajem nustem khavun sukki asle. Soglem sovai aslem ani sompeponim mello, Ghoram amchim disa 24-voram ugtim aso, khonnui to zanv, vatsuream kednach portim naslim, te dis ekdomuch annondache asle. Aiz te dis amkam mevot-gai ? Aiz ami toxem khorunk xoktanv-gai ? Will we ever get those days back ? Nam, Aichi poristiti toxi nam. It is certainly different now. Unfortunately things have changed drastically.

Koslem duvens Goy’eank laglam ? Udorgotichea narrear amche irrve dongor ani zaddam nanch khorun udoileant, dongor foddun, xetam bhorun amchea peryavaranacho satyanas khela, vhod vhod imaroti bandun amchea disadispotea jivitache halo-val keleat, hea mega housing-ant, ghoram ghevunk Goy’karank putvota ? Nam, mogall Goy’karano, tor hem khonak ani kiteak bandthat ? He udorgothiche paunde nhoi, him noxtachi paulam zavun asa. Osli noxti udorgoth Goy’karank kityak zai ? Hanv mhunnona Goy’chi udorgoth zanvchi nhoi mhunn, but what we need is constructive development and not destructive development. Ami amchem atrun pollun amche paim sodunk zai. Ami 21-via xenkdeachi vatt thankthanv punn azzun-i amkam favo titli bijli ani ghoroz titlem udok Goy’karank poile swater mellona, zaite khelle ganvani loak sanjeche 5-hora fudden tube light-i pettoun dhovortat, kiteak, tilsanz zatoch teo pettonat, bijili pavona, toxench zaietch khelle ganvani “public” nolla-xim vo tankara-xim aidonachi vhodli khota (line) khorun, axen udkachi vhatt poletat, osle poristetent amcho sorkar maha-imarotimk khoxi porvangi dita ? Zait amche rajkarbari oslea ganvani azunhoi pavunk nant ?

Mina vorvim anik ek vhod odruxt Goy’cher ailolem asa, khudd amchea Vidhan Sobeant, zababdharechea mon’xan mutlam ki, zaite amche aamdhar ani montri akaidixer minant baghidar asat mhunn, azuni 40-sam voir akaidixer mina khonni-ni, min khaddit asat, hem itle sobemazar cholta astonnam, amcho sorkar kuddea-chem dhong ghevun asa. Bharatache Unch niyailayen (Supreme Court) hukum ghatlolo asa ki, khuichea-i “rakon mapllelea” swatimchea (protected areas) 1-Km bhountim, min khadunk zainam mhunn, totakpachi ghoxt mutlear, Peryavaran Mantralayan, oslea 3 (tin) zageancher min khadunk, Goy’eant porvangi dil’li asa. Unch niyailayecho kitem respet ?

Amche irrve dongor ani mollam amkam anik kitlo tem mhunn dhektolet te amchean sangonk zainam, hem orixit noxt amchea swast peryavarancho ani nitol vataverancho bosm kortolem. Bharat sorkarachi eauzon asa purai Bharatant zomniche 33% (tokke) irrve asche mhunn, aslolea tea ranache 50% (tokke) tor noxt khorun udiole, tor 33% khuiche urtole ? Sorkarachi hi eauzon Goy’chea peryavaranacheo khel-bai-io xeo distat. Sorkar cholovpi munisuch aplea sorkarache kaide moddtat tor, kaide anik kiteak ? Minachea vatharant zaiteo baim-eo sukleat, khondare, toleo ani zori pasun noxt zaleat, varea baxen, udokui mon’xakullak ekdomuch ghorjechem. Mon’xean, peryavarana borobor ani tichea sangata paul marchem, nhoi tor munis sandtolo, anik ek mhunni asa, “vetak cukot tor vaunvak sukta” uprant roddon faido nam. Udorgothchea nanvan, poixeamchea axen peryavaran noxt khorop sarkem nhoi, kiteak mon’xeakullacho fudhar peryavaranacheruch asa.

Ak’kea sonvsarak loak peryavaranam khatir zuzta punn amchea Goy’ant, khonakuch poddonk nam, ami peryavaranacho valor zanna zavun-uni to mandun ghenant. Poixeamche axen mon’xak khuddo kela, poixeamchea fuddem amkam anik kainch dissona, oxem khorun ami peryavaran sambalche boldek, tem noxt khorpac amcho tenkko dila, ani hachi amkam zap dhinvchich podteli. Je porim ami vethanv te porim 33% irrvem Goyem kedinch asonk xokchem-nam.

Amche montri mhuntat, minamcho dhondo anikui fuddem vorcho punn thacho peryavaranacher, ani mon’xeamcher unnean unnem osor poddcho (minimum impact). Goy’eant min khaddunk laglear kitlim vorsam zalim? Anik unnean unnem osor mhuntat to khoslo ? Mina khonnitli mati denvun amcheo nodi purvot aileo, ani vaunvtea udokachi vhatt bondh zavunk paulia, baimeo, toleo, khondare sukot aileat ani uloleanchem udok noxt zavun, mon’xank toxem zonvarank khotro asa, pikavolichea xetant, minachi matti poddon xetam noxt zaleant, mina-khonnichea vatharani roste sarke nasson zaite obgathak sompodleat, toxench thea vatharant tanchim ghoram ani pempde (lungs) dulan bhoron asa, ani kitlech, torechea duvensak sampodlole asat, zalear ho unnem osor koso zavunk xekta, ho unnem osor zalear, choddan chod osor kitem astolo ? Parman-hatiyaramcho attak (a nuclear holocaust), Goy’eant, Purtugez tempar thaun min khadtat tor amchea sorkaran azunui “mining policy” kiteak mandunk nam ? Bailea, ontrollavelea praneank ti mandunk ravta ? Are we waiting for the aliens to draft it for us ? Hea vhel’lar, hem ekdomunch mothvachem ki ami hea modur ani ekdomuch gorjechea prosnacher amchem lokx ghalun ani goroz podlear forsanui hea odruxtacher zoit zoddunk, amchi Goy’chi nazuk sobitai ani sundortai amchea fudlea pindgeank sambalchi.

Hea amche cholvolint amchea ammdharani ami montreani dudvamchea forsan mining-gak ani bilder-rank aplo tenkko dil’lo asa, thor osle porititint Bab Feleir-acho kitem vichar ? Goy’chem nixonton zanvchem ? vo Goyem sambalchem ?

Goy’eant kaidea mandavoll ekdomunch bigodleli asa, brostachar ek dhanvte ghadiea sarko, ekdomunch hat-bhair paula. Hakach lagon, amcho Goy’cho sorkar, halta-dolta, adlouta, khod-khodta ani amchea pulam baxen kedn-ai podunk xokta. Kaido-vhevosta amcheam rostem baxen biglot asa, kaim dissam poilim tin disank 10-modim mel’lolim, bomb funtleat ani disan dis choreo, khui pauvlam amchem Goyem ? Brostachar, udhorgothichea paundear ek vhod adkhod zaun asa, zo meren brostachar vostolo te meren Goy’eant khoslich udhargoth zaunchi nam.

Kaido mutleli vost fokt amkam ghoribank, poixe aslole mon’xank khoslech kaide lagonat, amche aamdhar montri chodxe tanchea poxeamchea forsan akaidixer khama koteleank aplo tenkko ditat ani innocent mon’xank pidhapid formaitat. Je kaidean, aplea hok’ak khatir, mina ani “mega project-tam” virud zoggodtat thankam rokdech dhorun, bondkhonint ghalun, pidhapid ditat, ani “encounter” khorun marpachi dhomki passun ditat.

Amchem, bolaikechem, toxench xikxon kendrachi poristiti itli bigodloli asa ki, bitor voichem poilem, 100 paut chintchem poddtat, amcho monis vo burgo, hatunt bitor vo hache bhair boro astolo-gai mhunn ? Hakach lagon zaitech ghorib, zanchekodde tankona, te pasun aplea mon’xank ani burgeank “private” hospitalant ani scholani dhadtat. Aiz Goy’ent hi poristiti zal’li asa.

Ami amchea burgeank ani fudlea pindgank kitem dhovrunk sodtanv ? Khosli girestkai ? Ami sokt chintunk zai, ani aizuch chintunk zai, vellachi ghoddi ani somdirachi sukti, bhorti khonakuch ravona. Amchem adlem, kaalchem Goy’chem chinttun amchim kalza-monak sontostat, suseg-shanti mel’lta, Amchea aichea Goy’chem chintlear dolleant fokt dukham ietat, ani amche ghirestkai ektaupache axek lagon Goy’chi suropai ani sosnikai khobar khorun udoit zalear, faleam Goyem astolem ? Atam vell paula, khorneani amchem niz Goy’kar-pon rakunk, Uttat Goy’karam-no, “vellachi ghoddi ani somdirachi sukti bhorti khonnakuch ravona,” “vethak cukot tor vanvak chuktole”. Faleam Goyem aschem zallear Rakkon khorat Goy-mattechi.

Hea soggot noxtank ek zabab asa, ani thantuntleannuch Goychem ani Goy’karamchem boreponn zavunk zata, them mhutllear bore nitol monnache ani nitol khalzache mon’xank niudun haddunk, je fokt Goychea ani somajeachea borepnna pasot vauvurtole, Goyeant borem sason zai tor, sason choloipi bore asunk zai, thaka lagun moji khalti maghnni Bab Faleiro thaim, zo Congress sorkaracho ek vorixt khambo zavun asa, magtham ieta thea elisanvant bore nitoll, Goy’cho ani Goy’karamcho husko aslole ummedvar amkam divunk.

Baxon khobar khortam, Swargi Ravindranath Tagor-achea utrani “hea tol-moleantlean ani koxtantlean uttum-di mojem Goyem” “Through all this turmoil and tragedy let my Goa awake”

Peryavaran rakhat, Goyem rakhat, Bharat Jai ho, Goyem Jai ho, Viva Goa

Dev borem khorum

Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Speech - Global Goan Convention - Muscat 2009

Subject: Preserving Goa & Its Unique Identity

Mogea Mogall Goyemkarano
Annondborit sanz tumkam somestank anvdettam

His Excellency the Ambassador of India to Oman Mr. Anil Wadhwa, President of Indian Social Club Mr. Satish Nambiar, Honourable Commissioner for NRI Affairs Mr. Eduardo Faleiro, Ex-Speaker Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo, President Mr. Flynn D’Lima the managing committee & members of the Goan community Oman, Distinguished Guests, My Dear Friends.

It is a great pleasure to be present here in your midst at the Global Goan 09 Convention here in beautiful Muscat and I thank the GCO; in particular Dr. Mario D’Souza, for giving me an opportunity to speak on Goan Identity. I am Arwin Mesquita, a resident of the coastal village of Colva in Salcette. I have mostly lived out side Goa, but during the little time that I was in Goa, I was attracted & captivated by its magical identity. I have travelled to many places around the world and realized that Goans, certainly have a treasure in Goa & its identity. I also have to admit that like a lot of other Goan brought up in the Gulf, my fluency in Konkani is limited but I am committed to learning it and hope to be as fluent as any niz Goyemkar in the near future; but for the time being I do apologise for not speaking in Konkani, on Goan Identity.
GOA is one of India’s most beautiful states and is a major tourist attraction; yes due to its natural beauty, beaches but most importantly because of its people & its prized identity, which is a blend of east & west. Goan Identity today has the best of both worlds’ i.e. Strong links from the Indian Subcontinent, coupled with a distinct western flair. The fact is that the way things are going in Goa, Goa’s Identity that we all know today, will soon be a thing of the past!! You only have to visit Goa, speak to Goans in Goa or keep abreast of the news in Goa to see for yourself. I would also like to emphasise at this point, that our world today is a very fascinating place, because of so many different cultures/identities; each of which makes our planet a very interesting place to live; and that includes our Goan Identity.
Mahatma Gandhi once said “I will open the doors and windows of my house and allow the winds of different parts of the world to flow through it. But I will not be swept off my feet.” In this increasingly globalised world I believe that, we can keep Goa’s Unique Identity and still be Global (we need to think Global & act Local).

My Dear Goans; we have to wake up urgently to the realities and decide, what we want for Goa & its identity. Goan Conventions like the one we are having today are good but I hope we appreciate the hard truth that these along with all other Goan Associations will be irrelevant; if Goa loses its essence!! In my view each one of us has 3 choices:
(1) Do Nothing, give up on Goa and let its Identity be lost forever
(2) Discuss all that we cannot do; which might as well mean giving up & doing nothing
(3) My personal favourite which is a CAN DO attitude i.e. "Let us look at what we can do in a positive/civilised manner; to preserve/protect our beautiful state.

My Fellow Goans, Please do not forget where you came from. Today, there are so many Goans outside of Goa. With our expertise & resources, we can work together to make it happen. I believe that we can do it and find solutions, to most of the obstacles/anomalies. We have a unique opportunity to use our Globally attained skills/expertise/resources to give back to our home state and also to possibly make Goa as a World Class state with a Unique Identity; and be a true example not only to the other States in India but also to other countries of the world.

Some of us here in the UAE have formed a non-profit and non-political movement called the Goan Identity Movement. The overall vision, to have Goa as a world class state, with a unique identity. We aim to organize Goans globally to work together for the betterment of Goa. For the purpose we have launched a website which will be constantly improvised to help the cause.

Let me end by stressing that we are running out of time; it’s now or never, each one of us will be responsible & accountable by our future generations, for the corrective actions not taken today. If we want a Goa that is truly authentic & truly unique for our children, let us act now. I believe that we can work together for a better GOA if we think we can! To quote a Great Person; Henry Ford, who was the founder of the Ford Motor Company “if you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right”

Thank you for a patient hearing. God bless Goa, Jai Hind.