Sunday, 25 January 2009

Goa’s Lok Sabha Opportunity

The upcoming Lok Sabha Elections is a very good time for Goans, to start turning the heat on politicians to protect Goa; land, demographics & prized identity. Goans, starting from the Grass Root Level/Gram Sabhas, should put the respective demands to the Lok Sabha Candidates. The demands should cover (1) Special Status to stop our scarce land sales to Non-Goans, (2) Migrant Controls, (3) Task force to look at sustainable employment for Goans, (4) Allow only necessary Housing projects favouring Goans, (5) High Taxes/Charges on Non-Goans owning apartments to discourage their purchases, (6) Use Article 19-D in the constitution; which has provisions to protect local state identities etc. Of course, the politicians will come out with every excuse in the book, of what cannot be done for Goa... LET US SHOW THEM OF WHAT REALLY CAN BE DONE!!

Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

Monday, 19 January 2009

Goan Political Revolution

It really amazes me to see that South Goa is a strong hold, of the so called "Secular" Congress Party. Are we fools to strongly support a party, which is working overtime to destroy Goa & Its Identity? We are and have been taken for granted for a long time; of course I do not need to state the facts. The common excuse is where is the alternative; to which, can I suggest a revolutionary approach to Goan Politics i.e. (1) Gram Sabhas elect candidates based on certain criteria's (2) Expectations from the candidate is made very clear by the Gram Sabha (3) The Elected Candidate cannot join any political party (4) Gram Sabhas make it very clear that Elected Candidate can be recalled, should he/she not deliver on expectations or join any political party (5) Gram Sabha candidates on common platforms can form a working alliance. The latter points will also reduce the need to make up election costs, by such elected MLA's; which will reduce corruption after the respective election. We need to start thinking differently and not go on old/current thought processes; anymore suggestions will be welcome. Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

Saturday, 17 January 2009


I am inspired that Goans irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion are slowly but surely coming together to save our beautiful land & its unique identity. In my opinion, the following obstacles need to be addressed urgently, by Resident & Non-Resident Goans:
(1) Awareness of how critical issues threatening Goa’s environment, ecology, land & its Prized Identity today, will seriously affect all Goans in the long run.(2) Increase Confidence amongst Goans that there is still Hope for Goa: Together, WE can make the change and make Goa a practical working example of conversion to a world class state with a unique identity; not only to other Indian States but also to other countries of the world.
(3) Many Goans appear blackmailed by the own illegalities & linked (many times helplessly) to the current corrupt system: PAST is PAST; let us not be handcuffed by what happened before... let’s change if possible, else let us just move forward!!
(4) False Prophets/NGO’s: Goa & Its Identity should be only overall vision that we should ultimately trust & follow. Let’s not be demoralised by selfish interests!!
(5) Corrupt Government & Wealthy Lobbies, wearing down activists by Police Cases, Intimidation, Delaying Tactics, Manipulation of reports etc. Together we can stop this domestic terrorism!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Stop Destructive Mining

It is very clear that mining is having very detrimental effect on Goa, Goans & its environment. The huge actual losses (including health risks, water contamination etc) are significantly higher than the small gains; mostly benefiting the privileged few!! “We should realise that negative impact of mining affects Goans in each & every part of Goa”. The Mining Lobby is now getting desperate with their false PR campaigns in the media/newspapers and now so called cowardly defamation suits, filed in far away states. I request all genuine movements fighting for Goa including Social & Religious (Hindu, Muslim & Christian) to be united under one force; bring out the true facts on mining and force our corrupt government to address this serious issue once & for all. Needless to say, many corrupt MLA’s are funded from the mining lobby to stay in power, so it is in Goa’s interests to cut-off this illegitimate support; which will help dethrone these destructive Anti-Goan MLA’s


Friday, 9 January 2009

Thanks for Goa

On witnessing ground realities, I salute genuine activists in Goa, fighting against Mega-Projects, water/land contamination, destruction of fields/sand dunes on beaches/water bodies/wild life/hills/environment/ecology etc Thanks for selflessly fighting, to save our Beautiful Goa & its Prized Identity.

The activists refuse to be cowed down, intimidated by the Specific MLA’s/Police, Government, Panchayat & all other challenges. See my findings:
(1) Strategy is to frustrate activists & make them give up!! Vested interests tire down activists by constant delaying/intimidation tactics.
(2) False Police cases on most activists; why no action till date, if cases are genuine?
(3) Exception of some, majority corrupt panchas adopt delaying tactics for inspection etc to give time to the builders.
(4) Respective quasi-judicial government bodies constantly over-ride Gram Sabha resolutions, postpone dates, no show etc
(5) Government bodies supposed to uphold the law delay inspection certificates & many times manipulate the same
(6) CRZ norms constantly violated by Builders in collusion with Specific MLA's/Police, Where are the enforcement agencies to protect our beaches?
(7) Opposition from some misguided Goans, who I appeal to look at the big picture for Goa & Goans i.e. we can have a good today & bright tomorrow via right/sustainable development; let’s not destroy Goa for short term gains!! "We inherited this beautiful land & its identity, from our ancestors & are responsible for the same to our future generations"
(8) While many are concerned only with their careers, businesses, families etc these activists spend a lot of their personal time, money & incur a lot of sacrifice for the benefit of all Goans; including those working (directly or in-directly) against Goa.
(9) These activists are an inspiration & hope to us all; especially to those who think that nothing can be done to Save Goa.

Arwin Mesquita (UAE)