Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Goa’s Identity Movement (UAE GOANS)

Dear UAE Goans,

This is for those intending to save Goa’s Unique Identity. We don’t have to lose our rich essence (developed over a long time) or abandon our home GOA; to be part of the Global Community. In fact, by keeping our Identity & our Home, we can contribute in a much better/meaningful manner to India & the World. Our Identity is our key untapped strength; preserving it will indirectly instill self-confidence, direction, energy, values & self-pride within us; which will not only maximise each ones personal ventures but also on the whole, make our community, a powerful & well respected asset to the Indian/Global Community.

Movements in Goa have started on the same. All Goans including NRI’s need to power the cause. Goa is deteriorating today only because we are letting it happen. Let’s not regret tomorrow that we did not act today. This is not about being against other people; it is only about preserving who we are and what Goa is; in a civilized manner. This right applies to all Identities, across India & the World Over.

With our expertise, resources & even minimum time, we can work together as one force and make it happen. I believe that we can do it. I believe that we can find solutions, to most of the obstacles/anomalies. Please see my thoughts below on how I think we should act. Kindly feed back your views, suggestions, ideas etc post which, we can act. Please spread this message. I request that we meet urgently, we can no longer afford be passive to the cause; our future is at stake.

Dev Borem Korum. Arwin Mesquita, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Dated: 29th June 2008.

Key Objectives:
1)Pursue main aspects pertaining to Preserving Goa’s Unique Identity:
Þ Mega-Projects, Land Sales to Outsiders, Special Status for Goa, Migrant Controls, Maximise Konkani & Promotion of Goan Traditions/Culture.
2) Protection of Goa’s Ecology & Environment.
3) Employment & Economic Opportunities in Goa for Resident & Non- Resident Goans.
4) World Class Medical & Education policies/benefits for Goans, in Goa.
5) Constructive/Relevant Development of Goa and its economy in line with Goan Interests. (Make it Goa by Choice for Goans)

Clear Foundations:
1) No political affiliations/obligations and will work solely on issue basis; only for the cause of Saving Goa’s Identity.
2) Need to guard against vested interests derailing a “just” movement e.g. False Xenophobic Allegations, intimidation by quoting the constitution on a false basis.
3) A non-profit volunteer movement, which would provide sponsors with clear accounts/receipts on agreed campaigns.
4) A non-violent civilized movement that will work with any group/person irrespective, but only for the said objectives.
5) Will welcome new ideas, suggestions & possible revisions; only if it’s within the interests of saving Goa’s Identity.

Action Plan:
1) Like Minded Goans to meet up at least once a month on the said objectives & rest of co-ordination to be done electronically/via internet.
2) Brain Storm for possibilities of what NRI’s can do to contribute to the cause. Agree at least some/minimum action & plan to action accordingly
3) Maximise awareness, first amongst UAE Goans on at least the fundamentals & need of preserving Goa’s Identity (unique selling point).
4) Work towards establishing/co-coordinating with a network of Global Goans, to work together with Resident Goans.
5) Work/Co-ordinate with or support respective NGO’s or movements; on issue basis only.
PS. I have also prepared a more detailed action plan which I would like to share at the potential brain storming session; amongst like minded Goans.

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A picture says more then a 1000words. How about looking at this multimedia then. It is a must view covering Goan Identity. Reference Goanet Vol 3, Issue 853 contributed by Eddie Fernades: