Saturday, 14 June 2008

Open Letter to Goan Overseas Organisations

Dear Overseas Goans,

There are many Goan Organisations worldwide involvedin many goodwill services to our Community.

To each Organisation; we need to address a priority ona urgent basis i.e. to mobilise a mass awareness amongoverseas Goans to protect Goa's Identity; else we will no longer have a place to call home. The time to act is now!!

This awareness programme needs to be well planned &co-ordinated to spread the facts; This is veryimportant as many Overseas Goans are unaware of thefacts threatening our identity. People will only actif they are aware.

Goans generally seem to have resigned themselves to loosing their Identity. If this is the case, then weshould stop creating Goan organisations or having Goan Conventions as in my view what is the point; if we carry on as we are; soon without a Goa with Goan Identity, all these organisations not be relevant.

Arwin Mesquita,Abu Dhabi.

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