Thursday, 26 August 2010

Corrupt Politicians and A Dishonest Vote-Bank
DEMOCRACY gives people power to decide on management, progress and future of their state/country by electing representatives who should actually be public servants. So why is democracy not giving the desired results in Goa today? Powerful Goan ministers treat the Goan electorate as pawns; who despite being aware of their tainted backgrounds, continue electing the same corrupt MLAs each time. These ministers are confident that their loyal vote-banks (Goan, as well as migrant) will bring them back into power and allow them to continue with their insatiable looting of Goa. Migrant vote-banks are not the only reason we keep seeing the same corrupt MLAs again and again. Politicians have perfected the art of looting in crores and then giving/spending relatively smaller amounts to keep the voters happy (or in bondage) via cash or kind. I am saddened to note that despite the highly religious perception in Goa, we have actually sold our souls to the devil–or in this context, the respective politicians. These MLAs are aware that the Goan electorate can easily be bought at a price which is relatively smaller as compared to the huge amounts they will realise on being re-elected. We must realise that our actual losses are much higher as compared to the favours we get in return–lack of employment or jobs sold for a price; gradual deterioration of living standards and Goa’s identity; air, water and land contamination; migrant influx; migration of Goans due to the degradation of Goa by corrupt politicians; excessive corruption etc all speak for itself. Then there is another segment of Goans who do not vote, and by doing so actually help corrupt politicians get re-elected. If we want Goa to change for the better then we have to first change our attitude.ARWIN MESQUITA, UAE