Monday, 23 December 2013

Goa's Massive Real Estate Scam

The recent case involving Dr. Otilia Mascarenhas, where her property was fraudently sold to an organised syndicate, is serious eye-opener to a a much serious issue in Goa today. Many were upset with the mining ban which was nothing but a consequence of years of mining scam cum environmental destruction; courtesy politicians and select mining families. The next big scam in my opinion that has to be seriously investigated is the Real Estate Sector in Goa, where I understand there is a very high rate of fraud coupled with a rapid rate of environmental destruction, hill cutting pollution of water resources etc I was shocked to see reports of eminent environmentalists on the pathetic state of the environment/ecology in Goa today. We need likes of a Shah Commission to investigate the Real Estate Fraud in Goa, as I believe the current government is not willing to address the issue; possibly due to vested interests and huge monetary stakes involved. The earlier Congress Government was destroying Goa via the real estate scam so we voted for a change, unfortunately the BJP is no better and has let Goa down big time.. Classic example is the Regional Plans which is being deliberately or rather suspiciously delayed!! Arwin Mesquita.

Goans Leaving Goa - Seeking Citizenship Elsewhere

Apparently many Goans are seeking to leaving Goa via various avenues, the most opted avenues was by the way of acquiring a Portugeese Passport. In my view, yes this is a clear failure of India towards Goa/Goans after invading the state in 1961 and making false promises. However with saying that, I believe that Goans have an obligation to preserve their state and identity, and not to turn their back on Goa. I appreciate that there are those who leave for economic reasons due to the failure of the Indian Government and successive Goa Government Failures (including the current one); but what's really sad is that even economically well off Goans are deserting their motherland. With the winds of change sweeping thru India on corruption etc there could be strong possibility that we Goans can use this change to have Goa as we would like to be, unfortunately Goans as always, lack in vision and always prefer the easy way out; I wonder if in the end is it really a better life they are going for or is it a mirage? Today are many outsiders who are ready to pay huge amounts to buy land in Goa, but small minded Goans are selling off their valuable properties , really sorry state of affairs with the Goan Mentality and love for their State/Identity!!