Saturday, 14 June 2008

Enemy within – Salcete.

Salcete Today, is the Ruling Congress/NCP alliance stronghold. Many here accuse Politicians in other Taluka’s/BJP, in the communal/anti-Goan perspective. I don’t want to judge/defend “Other” politicians/BJP, but to look at politicians in our own taluka. Most Salcete Politicians have looted/destroyed Goa for selfish interests: Decades in power, jumping parties, destabilising governments, communalising politics, amassing wealth & using wealth to buy votes, ignoring promises or legislation’s for Goan Interests etc; yet people have elected them repeatedly over; many for a few pieces of silver; which amazes me; as to how we can allow ourselves to be fooled, in such a manner!!

Ask our Politicians some hard questions: Why are there many Land/CRZ irregularities? WHY HAS NOT EVEN ONE SALCETE MLA COME OUT IN SUPPORT OF SAVING GOA’S UNIQUE IDENTITY; IS THEIR PRIORITY “HIGH COMMAND IN DELHI” OR GOA? How many encourage migrant vote banks? Why is there no opposition/action on the critically high migrant invasion or land sales to Non-Goan’s? Why are so many Non-Goans employed in Goa; can’t MLA’s force higher incentives/pay scales for majority Goan’s to be prioritized/employed in Public/Private/Tourism sectors? How many support greedy builders or actively Sell Land to outsiders? How many supported peoples protests against mega-housing projects? The Konkani Agitation was boon to these corrupt politicians, who used it be in power for decades & then worked, to destroy Goa. Even after 20 years, Official Language Act is not completely implemented!!

Fellow Sashtikars (including those overseas), before we point fingers at others, let’s look within; our own Politicians have worked/are working selfishly, against Goa’s Interests? TODAY, WE HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE GOA FOR ALL GOANS, BUT STRANGELY SEEM SATISFIED OR GRATEFUL, FOR A FEW PUBLIC AMENITIES, WHICH SHOULD COME TO US ANYWAY AS A BASIC RIGHT. With increasing Non-Goan Vote-Banks & Land Sales, soon we will not matter to the Politicians, particularly the Congress/NCP Alliance. A Prominent Goan told me, that if Salcete wakes up, the whole of Goa will erupt & DEMAND ACTION. Let’s DEMAND that our MLA’s EITHER ACT on Goa’s Identity i.e. Stop Land Sales to Outsiders, Migrant Control etc; OR RESIGN!! Also, we can CALL for Mass Boycott of Future Elections in Salcete; to force our MLA’s to act on Saving Goa’s Identity. Politicians can’t afford to ignore the CALL; particularly the “Congress/NCP High Command” in Delhi!!

Arwin Mesquita, Abu Dhabi.

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