Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Impact of Mining on Goa's Environment - a video.wmv

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Goa State Terror

With respect to the recently publicized cases coming out in of Police Brutality/Atrocities, Goans should not stop at only resolving the respective cases but must pursue at the urgent cleansing of the entire system i.e. from recruitment to police action. Whilst surely there are cases of good actions of Police in helping citizens & ensuring justice, there are also many cases where Police are actively involved in and supporting various anti-social activities e.g. the Critical Drugs issue in Goa. In fact, the system of Police recruitment involves high level of corruption and influence (particularly by Politicians); saying which how can we expect a Credible Police Force? I think the main culprits however are Specific Long Time Politicians who themselves are known criminals, smugglers, goons etc and these Politicians, in addition to using their personal goons/gangs, also use the State Police to terrorize & intimidate citizens who fight against the exploitation, destruction, loot of our beautiful state and people. For instance, it is hard for me to believe that the unfortunate case of Cipriano Fernandes does not have some Powerful Political connection/backing. But to be fair to the Police, I also think that many times even good Policeman are influenced, threatened & compromised by specific Powerful//Corrupt/Evil Politicians!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Civil rights activists to launch campaign for special status

Civil rights activists to launch campaign for special status


Civil rights activists to launch campaign for special status
With meager 450 square kilometers disposable land left in Goa, the civil rights activists have decided to propel a movement demanding Special Status for the state by amending the Constitution of India.
“It’s never late. The constitution was amended many times,” renowned social activist Mathany Saldanha told an informal meeting at Goa International Centre, Dona Paula on Saturday evening.
“We welcome everyone to come here but don’t buy the land and make us stranger,” Saldanha said in his half an hour speech which led the discussion on the roadmap to move the state government give special status to Goa.
The participating activists including Rui Da Gama, Florian Lobo, Yatish Naik, Julio D’Silva and others resolved that the state legislative assembly should pass a resolution pressing for the special status.
Saldanha said that the land in Goa is already under forest, agricultural, coastal belt and already utilized. “We are left with only 450 square kilometers of land which needs to be protected for future generations,” he said.
He said that soon after the liberation the Goans were either divided on the basis of caste and religion or also terrified after facing 450 years of Portuguese rule.
“We never had guts to tell the central government what we want. That’s why we had to fight every time. May it be opinion poll or Konkani language agitation,” Saldanha, who also chairs National Fishermen’s Forum, said.
“Then fathers of constitution did not feel it wise to give representation to Goa in the constitution. That’s why we are suffering now,” he said adding that there is lot of insecurity which has come in the fate of Goa.
Saldanha has said that with no provision to protect the land, majority of it is being given for commercial activity.
“This has resulted in large influx of people from outside. Does Goa have capacity to contain this population?” he questioned.
He said that special status is the only thing which can protect the land of Goa. “People are feeling insecure. The special status will cease buying of any land in the state,” Saldanha said.
During the interaction, the activists reminded the assurance given by Congress President Sonia Gandhi during last assembly election to give special status to Goa.
They recalled that even after the liberation, then prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had promised that Goa’s special identity, language and culture would be protected.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Churchill Alemao & Goa

In June 2010, PWD Minister Churchill Alemao publicized in a Dubai newspaper, for me to bring Goa’s issues to him. I spoke to him at length on issues threatening Goa/Goans. For the benefit of his ‘privileged’ supporters, these are not any personal favors or incentives for me but issues threatening all Goans; including his ‘privileged’ supporters. To ask for Goa is paramount over anything else and is not only the responsibility of some; why can’t his ‘privileged’ supporters ask the same? My discussions with Churchill were based on a 2008 UAE Goan Signature Campaign which included: (1) Special Status to protect Land & Identity (2) Measures to address reducing Goan Demographics (3) Indiscriminate/Illegal mining destroying the Environment (4) Mega-Projects (Including Raheja’s at Carmona) (5) High Taxes/restrictions on non-goan real estate purchases (5) Environment destruction via Hill Cutting & other activities (6) Sewerage (7) Employment opportunities/transparencies for Overseas Goans wishing to return, (8) MOPA and (9) Konkani , which has no rightful status even after 20 years of being declared Official Language (So who actually gained politically from the Konkani Agitation; nothing concrete has happened for Konkani and innocent people lost their lives in vain) The signature campaign/issues were also sent to Mr. Alemao‘s official Varca address in July 2010. So far He has not responded/acted on any of the issues; nothing rose in the recent Assembly session. Now as his Daughter Valanka plans to contest elections from Benaulim, I request her plans/views on these critical issues? If the Alemaos don’t respond/act then surely they have no interest in Goa, Goans & our Identity. I hoped in the 1980’s on Churchill delivering Great things for Goa/Goans but now feel betrayed and feel that Goa/Goans have been taken for a long false ride. There are Goans who ignore the latter for selfish reasons or personal benefits, suffocate their conscience and by doing so, contribute towards the destruction of Goa & our Identity. Arwin Mesquita, UAE.
On 2 July 2010 14:38, Arwin Mesquita <> wrote:
Talk with ChurchillArwin Mesquita, Abu Dhabi
This is to inform Goans that during PWD Minister Churchill Alemao’s Dubai visit on Saturday 26 June, I discussed with him critical issues facing Goa and Goans. I agreed to send a list of concerns that Goans feel about the preservation of Goa and the Goan identity. These concerns are based on a signature campaign by UAE Goans (and some from Kuwait). It was given earlier to Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat on 17 November 2008, but not much action was taken on most critical points. We also discussed some innovative ideas on migrant control, real estate control, etc. Mr Alemao said he will look into the issues and raise it with his government at the earliest.
Concerns about Goa
DURING the PWD Minister, Mr Churchill Alemao’s visit to Dubai recently, I had a long discussion with him regarding genuine/critical issues facing Goa and Goans. I agreed that I send him the list of requirements/concerns that many Goans think are needed, for the preservation of Goa and our prized identity; and for our posterity.These requirements/concerns are based on a UAE signature campaign signed by many UAE Goans. This signature campaign was earlier given to the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat on November 17, 2008; to which I expressed my disappointment that there was not much action taken on most of the critical points indicated–mining menace, rampant hill-cutting, special status to protect Goa’s identity, mega-project menace, return of SEZ acquired land, un-controlled migrant influx and slums, lack of Konkani prominence, sewerage system, waste water recycling and to set up a high level task force to address employment at sustainable pay scales, for resident Goans and also to encourage the return of non-resident Goans. We also discussed some innovative ideas to address some critical issues like for example migrant control, real estate controls etc. Mr Churchill Alemao said he would look into the issues and raise it with his government at the earliest. Let’s hope the government takes some concrete steps for the good of Goa.ARWIN MESQUITA, Abu Dhabi

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Colva Beach Message

Today, the Colva Beach appears to be telling us, that something is seriously wrong about Colva. The main beach has now divided itself into 2 areas; which is mainly facilitated by the sewage let out by the specific restaurants/hotels in the area, various illegalities, lack of action by relevant authorities, etc. The division is symbolic of the people of Colva, whose loyalties are divided or enslaved between two prominent South Goa Politicians, who have/had powerful positions in the Government and with whom the village is, has and is only going from bad to worse!! The sewage is symbolic of the high levels of corruption, apathy, lack of concern, selfishness, materialism, suffocating of conscience etc, amongst the villagers which is rapidly destroying this beautiful village. Yes, some critics will come out with all sorts of excuses like for example” It is easy for an overseas person to talk from outside and he/she should come to Goa and act instead of just giving views”. I think that these are just excuses from specific individuals who either have vested interests or are too complacent to act. I am sure that if this particular excuse is addressed then these same individuals will come out with more excuses to make themselves feel better. The solution is simple and it is all about choice; choice about (1) Who you elect and How much money you accept to surrender you vote (2) What you say or not say to improve the village (3) Who you support/praise (4) What illegality you pursue/support or turn a blind eye too or do not challenge (5) Who you defame, let down or do not support; despite those very persons fighting desperately for Colva on the ground, for the benefit of all Colvenkars etcArwin Mesquita, UAE