Saturday, 14 June 2008

Sale of Land in Goa

Dear Goans,

Many Goans selling land indiscriminately are justifing themselves in many ways.

Yes, I appreciate that some are justified for veryimportant/critical reasons but am convinced that the vast majority is purely to make a fast buck with total disregard to the preservation of Goan Land for Goans which will ultimately lead to the decline of Goans in the population mix. In Colva, for example I seriously doubt Land will be available for Goans at this current rate.
I do not believe money is always the answer; we should also know our obligations towards our state.

Why can't Goans keep the land & look for other avenues to make money in PROSPEROUS GOA; particularly in caseswhere there is no desperate need to sell the land to non-goans. And to re-iterate, i am not againstnon-goans; but we cannot afford being a minority inout own home; or in a few years not having a state for Goans.

Why can't more overseas Goans clearly aware the future potential of India; start buying Goan Land? Each one of us can make a difference.

Many Goans have told me that that everybody else is doing it so why shouldn't they; I do not agree as I know a lot of Concerned Goans who are not doing thisbut preserving their land for Goans/Their siblings.

Seriously!! Goans wake up and join in this united front to save Goa, our simple decisions can help;please think about tomorrow consequences; just not for today gains.

Please spread this message.

Arwin Mesquita,Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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