Saturday, 14 June 2008

Goans are not opposing everything without any reason

This is with reference to the recent statement of our Honorable Chief Minister on Goans that "opposing everything will not help". I have heard this before and would like to give my views on the same. Goans are NOT against everything without any reason. These statements are many times made by vested interests to justify their corrupt actions and pursue hidden agendas.

Can we really help it if everything being proposed, is for the benefit of corrupt politicians working in vested interests inside/outside the state; to make absurd profits from the SALE of GOA?

With due respect, I think it is the lack of competence from our Governments to propose suitable projects in the first place. My kind advice to the government is to PLEASE COME OUT WITH A FAIR POLICY THAT FIRST SAFEGUARDS THE INTERESTS OF GOA & GOANS and then propose projects which honour the same? If the government does not have the will or the capabilities, then reach out to Goans and ask them on how such a policy can be formulated. If such a policy was in place, Goans would definitely vouch for the right kind of progress

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