Friday, 26 September 2008

Incorporate Roman Konkani

Konkani in the Roman Script must be incorporated into Goa's Official Language Act. The 20 year old Act in the current form is doing more damage to Konkani, than Good. There is a significant percentage of Goans, who relate more to Roman than Devanagari. While the Devanagari script is important for the Indian perspective, the Roman script has a wider international appeal; hence both scripts will boost Konkani (basis for Goan Identity) and also give Goa have a Strong Global Appeal. The Roman Script can also help connect many in the Goan Diaspora, to their roots and possibly encourage some of them to return home. Goa's Identity is a blend between the East & West; which enforces the argument for having Konkani in both the scripts; in the Official Language Act.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Goa’s Magical Identity

Rome & Paris are my most favourite, of the places that I have visited. They get most of the world’s tourists and the key attraction is their unique magical identity; developed over a long time; good times & bad. They preserve the same, whilst accommodating Globalisation.

Goa attracts many tourists not only because of its beaches/beauty; as there are even more beautiful states. History shaped our identity i.e. the main attraction. We can maximise our Strength, as the French/Italians? Some think that the latter is too ambitious; I actually think it is possible. Economically, do we lose the Goose that lays the Golden Egg?

At a Cultural event during the 2007 Global Goans Convention (Goa), I saw a distinct underlying common thread amongst us; despite our religious & other differences. Our Identity is more relevant with East & West, coming closer. We have the best of both worlds; adjust to both sides and as such, Goa faces enormous opportunities in the emerging Global Order.

As individuals: (A) Many unsuccessfully look out for happiness & not within. (B) Many are blind to their strengths. (C) Many pessimistically restrict their true potential by “perceived” obstacles (D) Many don’t act for a cause due to weaknesses but oppose others in guilt. All these relate to Goans in general: (A) Many think emigration is the only answer: Is the “give up & run away” attitude also right for us, personally? (B) Many can’t see our identity (C) Many see no hope due to legalities, constitution etc but can’t see that obstacles can be overcome. (D) Many attack Goa Activists in guilt; as they can’t act due to personal weaknesses or to safeguard narrow minded selfish interest’s e.g. emigrant status in their adopted countries, monetary interests in Goa’s real estate etc.

There’s success on SEZ’s, Regional plan, mega projects etc; let’s maximize with more for the effort? Will a big campaign overseas or election boycott in Democratic India not help? Lets have CAN DO’s!! Lets make Goa as we want it; instead of abandoning our home & enjoying on the efforts of others. Countries came out of nothing because of its people. Many complain but do nothing for the better; even if it is just speaking up for Goa.

Identity forms the Value Systems of individuals/communities. Do we prefer being “something to everybody” or “nothing to nobody”?

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.