Saturday, 14 June 2008

Employment opportunities for Non Resident Goans

From,Mr. Arwin Mesquita,Abu Dhabi, UAE.07TH May 2008.

To,Mr. Eduardo Faleiro,Honorable Commissioner for NRI Affairs,Government of Goa, Secretariat,Porvorim, Goa, India.Email:

Subject: Employment opportunities for Non Resident Goans

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you on ideas, for possible Employment of Non Resident Goans. Contrary to the common view, there are Non Resident Goan’s eager to return to work in Goa and are looking for suitable employment opportunities; even in the Private Sector.

I understand that your Overseas Employment Agency helps Goans with Jobs overseas. However, please appreciate that priority today is to stop the demographic reduction, by offering Goans suitable opportunities in Goa itself.

I visited the Government Employment Agencies in Goa and found out that the 80% Jobs reservation is a toothless policy; I am addressing this separately with relevant people, as I clearly see opportunities for Goans.

Please can you consider my ideas below and take them up with the Goa Government:
(A) Employment Exchange should be transparent in all jobs available (public & private sector). This can be done by managing a professional website; which can be easily accessed by Non Resident Goans.
(B) The Governments needs to review the minimum wages by sector for a valid wage increase; which will enable interested Goans to afford a satisfactory lifestyle in Goa.

Arwin Mesquita,Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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