Saturday, 14 June 2008

SEZ Good News and Goan Land

I was extremely happy to hear that the Goa Government has decided to do away with the current SEZ's. Goans now wait for the speedy implementation of the same. My sincere thanks and appreciation, to the leaders and people of the Anti-SEZ movement/protests, as well asspecific politicians who have been involved in the realisation of the same.

It was also music to my ears, to know that the issueof land allotment to Non-Goans is also on the agenda.The government indicates that it is looking atlegislation in other states, for possible use in Goato prohibit SALE of agricultural land. My strong view is that our Government should not stop here, we shouldinclude non-agricultural land as well; because Goansneed this scarce land. Today, Many Goans cannotbuy/afford land in our their home state. Extremelywealthy non-goans are buying Goan Land indiscrimatelyand this has made land prices sky-rocket, beyond thereach of an average Goan.

As accommodating as Goans are, there has to be a pointwhere Sale of Land to Non-Goans has to be stopped.And I am sure no other state in India would stay idle,if the similar threat faced their states. India is agreat country made up of so many cultures, identitiesand different types of people; each of the latter hasa right to be preserved and protected. To Goa inparticular, the Indian Government has an obligation toprotect Goan Culture, Land & Identity; Our Governmentneeds to start a dialogue immediately with the CentralGovernment. We need to act now before its too late.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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