Monday, 8 December 2014

Goan Environmental Awareness

It is extremely important that we Goans keep ourselves updated on the subject of Environmental Awareness, as else we will pay a heavy price of our complacency in the near future. While we continue to make merry in a susegad attitude, politicians and their backers with deep pockets are selling us out, destroying our environment, cutting our hills, polluting our water, land and air etc Already they are contributing to a potential water crisis in the near future by now planning the diversion of Tillari Waters (Originally meant for irrigation/drinking) to MOPA and the Mammoth Golf Course at Tiracol.

How many of us know that Goa is going to lose a lot of its land via Global Warming and with the short sighted policies, coupled with the corrupt greed of our governing authorities, the actual negative fallout will be much more serious!!  

By being aware of the severe environmental implications, local people can act as watchdogs on the actions of their respective politicians including Municipalities and Village Panchayats; to ensure the right development is taking place for the interest of the locals only and to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Arwin Mesquita.