Saturday, 14 June 2008

Gulf Goans Support

Gulf Goans today face many difficulties i.e. declining living standards, localisation, reduced savings etc. Many contemplate leaving the Gulf soon. We must take strong interest on Goa’s Identity, mega-projects, corruption, mining, destruction, alarming outsider land sales, uncontrolled migrant influx etc. We must work with residents to save Goa for Goans; including future generations. Gulf Goans can help Goa significantly; if only we wake up immediately and think positively/constructively.

Have we lost hope/belief in ourselves/Goa? Our home is in region (including China) where the economy is booming vs. others; education (all layers) & medical are getting international respect. Rich nations are targeting our region as the future; there is strong demand for Goa by outsiders and strangely today, we have on a large scale “Entire Well off Gulf Goan families” migrating; abandoning Goa; selling off properties!! Are we really a short sighted community in general; lacking a real long term vision? How much wealth is really enough? Is so much migration really relevant today and does it not influence the erosion of Goa’s Identity? Are western societies really better off as a whole? Think about identity/value/family issues that our future generations will face; or is it just the materialistic things that interest?

Let’s stop complaining & looking only at all the negatives of Goa, which are just excuses for our reluctance to act or to justify today’s “debatable” migration. Surely, Goa also has positives vs. other societies. We should start from the positives, address the negatives and see how we can together make Goa, the place we want it to be. I believe we can do it, if we just put our heads together and look at what we can do and not, what we cannot do!! After all, there is no place like home.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.

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