Saturday, 14 June 2008

Goa's Liberation Day

December 19th is celebrated as Goa’s Liberation Day. I no longer want to celebrate the latter; because with every passing day, it looks more like the Liberation of Goa from the Goans; rather than from the Portuguese.

With all due respect to all freedom fighters, I would really request to know, what really happened in 1961? With key strong factors on our side (A) The United Nations behind Goa, stating self-determination (B) Goans being aware of constitutional provisions to states like Kashmir etc. I really can’t digest the fact that, Goans so easily agreed to accession, without any safeguards.

Apologies, if I missed something or not aware of certain facts: In which case, please can someone
enlighten me?

Arwin Mesquita, Abu Dhabi.

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