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It is really unfortunate to know of Goans, actively engaging is the large scale of Goan Land to outsiders, to realise a life of luxury for themselves and their families. As a result of their selfish actions, Goa and majority of the population, have to bear the brunt of various related negative fall-outs e.g. (1) Garbage/Sewerage issues (2) Land/Water Contamination (3) Effect on basic water/electric supplies (3) Changes in Demography & resultant effect on Identity (5) Scarce land available for locals etc. It is a well known fact that capitalism cannot be allowed an in-discriminate spree; to affect the land & local populace negatively. These in-discriminate land sales which benefits the lifestyles of a privileged few, has to be stopped/restricted; these greedy individuals are in the process of selling their state, values, identity for greed/personal gains. To quote Mahatma Gandhi: ”There is enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed."

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Suggestions/Best Practices/Proven Action to Save Goa & Its Identity

Dear Goans,

This page will be constantly updated with suggestions, best practices, proven action to save Goa, Its Land & its Identity; you can replicate for action in your respective area or communicate to those who need help/advise, on how to act on the same.

Dev Borum Korum,

(1) PIL by Mr. Floriano Lobo (Goa Su-Raj Party)

Re: Opportunity for Non Resident Goans to help Local Goans save goa Posted by: "floriano" Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:17 am (PST)
Dear RG & NRG Goans,Taking the queue from Arwin's post I called Orlando to tell him this:Quote"You don't need to file a Writ Petition in the HC paying thousands of rupees and engaging costly lawyers who ultimately will screw you by compromising your case with the mega builders for money. That I have never relied upon any lawyer and have not paid a single paise to them in all my 7 successful PILs in the HC. I got the HARA project decimated even before they started digging in the Calapur salt pans through a simple letter to the HC. YOu put your Public Interest Petition on the paper, plead with the HC for justice and you will get it, Raheja or no Raheja. If you file a Writ Petition, you will bleed and Rahejas will buy most of your people and the genuine ones will be left holding the baby. I am in contact with Ms (prof) Savia and my services are available to you Carmonkars any time if they can help you and help Goa.Please go for PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION where it has to be a Litigation in real Public Interest. Any hint of personal interest in this will destroy the petition.I assure you the HC will come to your rescue for absolutely free if this is the case. Therefore you must take care how you draft your petition. You must make sure the Justices get tears in their eyes when they read it.UnquoteCheersflorianogoasuraj9890470896

Positive Achievements for Goa

Dear Goans, This page will be constantly updated with positive achievements for Goa, Arwin

(1) Cansaulim says NO to Mega-Projects
MARGAO: Sunday was to be a day of mega projects in South Goa, with these issues dominating gram sabhas in Salcete and surroundings.
Cansaulim gram sabha, presided over by the sarpanch, Mr Jose Manuel Fernandes, resolved that no mega projects, including hotels or multi-dwelling units be allowed in the village until proper arrangements for basic necessities like water and electricity are made in the villages of Cansaulim, Arossim and Cuelim by the concerned authorities. Drafting of minutes of the meeting by the secretary also came under the scanner.The resolution, on these mega projects, proposed by Ms Sheela Gracias and seconded by Mr Alvaro D’ Costa, that saw a majority of gram sabha members approving it, declared that no commercial mega projects like hotels or mega commercial housing projects be allowed in the village till such time adequate basic necessities like water and electricity are provided to the villagers by the concerned authorities as the villagers face daily water cuts and power shortages – with some pointing out that it was the fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution that a citizen be provided the same and a denial of the same was violation of Article 14 of the Constitution.The sarpanch, speaking to media, after the gram sabha, said that the meet was against any mega projects or hotels or even multi dwelling units coming up in the village.“The gram sabha members were upset that every now and again electricity fails, and there is a shortage of water. Till proper water and electricity is available no projects should be given permission, was what the gram sabha wanted,” he said. A sidelight – amusing and scary at the same time - was a long time serving former sarpanch stating that the gram sabha had no powers to pass such resolutions, eliciting protests from the villagers that while on one hand the Union Government was trying to empower grass root democracy - that is the village panchayats and gram sabhas - certain elected representatives were still trying to brow beat the villagers and seeking to deny and deprive them of their powers.Also, in a subsequent decision, the gram sabha decided that the NOC given for a project for the construction of 46-odd flats and having a swimming pool and club house be revoked, pointing out that there was an earlier gram sabha resolution - endorsed by the panchayat body at their meeting where new proposed constructions for multi dwellings units should be placed before the gram sabha before any NOC or licence or occupancy certificate was given. The gram sabha wanted the immediate revoking of the licence issued by the village panchayat stating that it was going against the resolution passed on August 5, 2008 by the panchayat body.The drafting of minutes of the earlier gram sabhas by the panchayat secretary also raised hackles with members alleging that there were omissions on his part. The secretary was absent today and the today’s gram sabha was recorded by another panchayat secretary – apparently on deputation from another village.Another topic that came up for discussion – brought up by gram sabha member, Mr Evans Fernandes – saw the sarpanch being asked on the action being initiated on the Park Hyatt Hotel, Arossim consequent to the show cause notice served on them by the Goa State Pollution Control Board for allegedly letting out contaminated water from the hotel into the agricultural fields and ponds.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Opportunities for Non Resident Goans to Help Local Goans Save Goa

Dear Non Resident Goans,
Here are opportunities to help Goans to save Goa. Please read below; which is separated by village/town and will be constantly updated. It is an uphill battle but if more Goans join the effort, we can overcome!! Should you want to help, kindly contact respective person directly
Arwin Mesquita, UAE

Date: 10th Januar’2010.My Dear Friend Arwin bab
Through News paper reports of major Goan dailies you all are aware what is happening in your beautiful village of Carmona and the state of Goa at large. Since the year 2008, we Carmonakars have lodged a sustained battle with the authorities in Goa to protect our mother land from the clutches of the land sharks. If land sharks such as the Raheja’s of Mumbai fame are allowed to set mega housing projects meant as second homes for the neo-rich from outside the state there will be no land left for our future generations. As it is with one mega deal by the Raheja’s in our village the land prices has soared to astronomical figures thereby eroding the purchasing power of every Carmonkar whether he is working in Goa, the gulf or the luxury liners. The basic infrastructure of water, electricity, garbage disposal and sewerage at present are so dismal that our living will be made impossible by these mega projects. Our revolt against the mighty Raheja’s in Carmona has awakened many Goan villages from the deep slumber and today each and every gramsabha in goan villages are questioning the Sarpanchas and authorities on the issue.But our own elected representative such as MLA’s and Panchayat members blinded by short term personal greed are supporting these mega projects by outside builders. The same has happened in Carmona. Recently at the gramsabha meeting held on 20/12/2009 the people of Carmona has passed a resolution and told the Sarpanch to call back the file of the Raheja’s.But our sarpanch and the balance group of five who have sold themselves to the bread loaves offered by the Raheja’s are in no mood to listen to the voices of the people. At the behest of our local MLA the town and country planning department has issued a provisional NOC to the builder which will be ratified by our panchayat in its meeting to be held on 13/01/2010 to issue license to The Raheja’s.The action of the Town and country planning department and the Panchayat to issue the provisional NOC is nothing but a fraud. As per circular dated 29.08.2008 the builder has to show the actual width of the existing access road at site. The said circular says that no NOC should be issued based on proposed road/ broadening. I enclose a copy of the said circular for your perusal.Many likeminded people from the village are of the opinion that this fraud has to be challenged in the high court and have promised support. We have contacted lawyers and has taken opinion and are told that it is fit case to permanently block the Raheja’s and also to give fiting reply to our local MLA and the Panchas supporting the builder.Our estimate runs in a few lakhs of rupees to match against the mighty Raheja’s. But we count on support of all our dear brothers and sisters working in far away countries and are hoping to return our sweet home after retirement.Please circulate this appeal to all blue blooded Goans to spare a few ruppess from their hard earned incomes to save our mother land from the hungry volves.
Thank you very much,On behalf of the People of Tamdeg and Carmona at large. Orlando. S. A. Da. SilvaMobile No. 9823491364 – Feel free to contact for any clarifications if required.Cheques can be issued in my favour and I assure thorugh and honest accountablity for the purpose it is asked for.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Honour the Historic Opinion Poll that kept Goa Separate

The Opinion Poll held on 16th Jan 1967 saved Goa from Merger into Maharashtra. Most Goans surely are happy today, that Goa remained a separate state with a separate identity; but will this identity remain, or will it be extinguished in the near future. Will the efforts of all those who fought to save Goa from merger go in vain? Today Goa's Identity is under threat from (1) Corrupt Politicians, (2) Mega-Projects, (3) Land Sharks & Rich Non-Goans indiscrimately buying up Goa; with practically no land available for Goans today, (4) Uncontrolled Migrant Influx, slums & vote banks being used to checkmate Goans, (5) Konkani losing prominence against other languages (6) Government in-difference to so many Goans leaving Goa, due to lack of employment opportunities and if action is not taken, Goans will soon be a minority in their own state. It is time for another movement to re-visit what Goans had actually voted for in 1967; its time for Goans today to rise from their slumber; to speak/act in one voice that Goa is not for SALE and Goans have a right to protect their identify, land and our way of life. Yes, the Indian Constitution has a lot of good points but this legal document has its serious flaws if it assists, in decimation of any states local identity; needless to say, Goans were never party to the process of forming the Constitution; so it is high time that our views are now taken into consideration!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Letters for Goan Identity in Goan Media - Compilation

(1) Swamped by migration Nazir Aga, Panjim
The attempts by certain sections to unjustly accuse Soter D’Souza of propagating communal hatred is downright malicious and disgusting, especially when the issue of immigration is definitely a matter of concern to every Goan, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Protecting Goa’s social, economic, and cultural interests is not unconstitutional. If other states are bent on implementing their culture, language and protecting their economic interests, there seems nothing wrong in Goans doing the same. If not, let all state boundaries be dissolved and let only one language and culture prevail. Colonisation of any state by migrants is definitely not a constitutional right. Why should Goa, which has a negative birth rate, be penalised for the failure of other state governments who have not been able to provide for the social and economic needs of their people?

(2) Goa’s Illusionary Liberation
In 2011, our politicians at the state and national level intend to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Goa’s Liberation; what may I as do they want Goans to really celebrate, other than the slow liberation of Goa from the Goans. Enough of this; years of brainwashing Goans and decimation of the local population and their respective identity; In my view, Goans should now start in increasing numbers, to oppose/protest the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the “illusionary liberation”!! Arwin Mesquita, UAE

(3) 18 Dec, 2009 Reflections on the Eve of Liberation Day
We deceive ourselves if we feel everything in Goa is fine, while our identity, culture and survival are at stake, says DR JOE D�SOUZA
Since 1961, every 19th December, Goans celebrate their �Liberation Day� from their colonial masters. The Indian Army took over the administration of Goa from the Portuguese in a smooth operation, before anyone in Goa knew anything much. Power was peacefully transferred without any bloodshed and with no loss of life.But as I lie on my bed, lazily reflecting on the past, my mind poses a question: �Is Goa truly liberated?�I belong to the generation which can vividly remember and reflect about those good old days with their pleasant times. I belong to the era wherein as a child I could sea no evil, as I wasn�t big enough to know and understand much about the difference between Indian democracy and Portuguese dictatorship. My interaction with the Portuguese pakles was at the check post, each time I visited Goa from Mumbai (then Bombay) for the annual summer holidays. What Aunty Laura used to do as a freedom fighter then mattered to the extent that we missed her company during the time she was in the freedom movement.Good fish, lots of cheese and a tinge of port wine was on the table for us to relish, especially when she was around. Lots of oysters, big crabs and mussels fresh from the River Chapora used to find their way to our home from the nearby fishing canoes. In the 1950s our lives in Mumbai were a bitter struggle, I can remember famines, rationed food and study under dim lights or sometimes under electric poles. But once in Goa, it was like going from hell to Paradise. My granny used to rear pigs and fowls, grow vegetables and ensure that plenty of mangoes, jackfruits and tender coconuts remained on our trees. Taking a bath straight from the brass pot drawn from the village well on a hot summer afternoon and again under the banana plantation, either by moonlight or the dim light of a small kerosene lamp, was an enchanting experience.A wholesome and healthy quality of life for our family all through the erstwhile Portuguese regime under Salazar made me ponder if liberation for Goa is truly achieved, especially as the life in the state for the niz Goemkar is becoming increasingly tough and challenging. Mining beyond sustainable limits has made Goan agriculture reluctant and unremunerative. Our rivers have been silted with mining rejects and our aquiferous hills have been butchered, raped and bled devoid of forest cover, inviting floods and drought. The greed of our politicians, bureaucrats and the manipulative illegal mine-owners lobby has ushered in lopsided tourism and mushrooming of concrete jungles which has transformed Goa from green to grey. I cannot visit the pristine beaches of Goa and swim at Vagator beach as I once did during the Portuguese, era because it is today infested with cancerous tar balls and rich in oil slick and copious amounts of drifting garbage. Industrial pollution has contaminated our air, water and soil. My beloved Mandovi River is today colonised by casino vessels, belonging to rich migrants who employ Russian belly-dancers, women from the North-East and Punjabi managers.The garbage menace is seen all around due to lopsided tourism. Today Goans are prisoners of gambling and victims of alcohol abuse due to faulty planning of economic activities. We accuse Portuguese of colonial dominance, oppression and religious inquisition, but do we realise for a moment that Goa today is seeing increasing religious intolerance, thefts in churches and temples on a daily basis, destruction of public properties, deaths due to suicides, rapes, murders and road accidents � all essentially a result of lax implementation of law.Today more Goans are leaving Goa�s shores to make a living outside the country. Acquiring a Portuguese passport is today not only a status symbol but an identity for receiving international credibility � a recognition which is not available with an Indian passport. Let us not be hypocrites, and let us acknowledge the blessings which we have derived and still derive due to our association with the Portuguese. Genuine freedom fighters and worthy Goans, while accepting the blessings of liberation, do not go hammer and tongs against the Portuguese benevolence.There are a few smugglers and antisocial elements who claim to be freedom fighters. By destroying anything of Portuguese history in Goa, they want to project their nationalism, which is totally absurd and misleading.Elsewhere, in another article, I have recounted that for about 12,000 years of written history of Goa, Goans have yet to learn to accept their mistakes and historical blunders. Goans over 12,000 years have always remained as a subdued society, ruled by invaders, be it the Kolarian tribes, Sumerian warriors, the Aryans, Portuguese, etc.In the past Goa was plundered and looted not only by Mohammad bin Tughlaq, but also by the Bahamani and the Vijayanagar empires, which found Goa and the Goan people an attractive target to exploit. We would be soon heading towards celebrating 50 golden years of Liberation. But alas! Goans call themselves free citizens of a free country but cannot feel safe to live or reside in their own traditional homes, which face threats of demolition due to CRZ laws, Mega housing projects have brought home hordes of dubious migrants and unscrupulous builders from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Belgaum, Bangalore, etc, and Goans are pressurised into selling their homes. It is not the Moguls or the Marathas this time but the Russian, Israeli and Delhi barons who have taken over. Our markets are flooded with vendors from Karnataka. Our hotels and restaurants have cooks from the North-East and our labour force is from Jharkhand, Orissa, Bihar, UP, Karnataka and Rajasthan. Dancing during meaningless carnival shows and during the IFFI celebrations, if we feel everything in Goa is fine and under control, we would be deceiving ourselves. More than ever before, our Goan identity, culture and survival are at stake. The active protests at Gram Sabha meetings about the destruction of Goa by unscrupulous politicians and obliging bureaucrats is a welcome sign. Actions speak louder then words. We must free Goa from the clutches of vested interests who are looting and plundering Goa beyond sustainable limits. In the next 50 years global warming and adverse impacts of climate change would see a 16 cm rise in sea level and temperatures would rise by 4�C. Being a coastal people, Goans must prepare themselves for the imminent disasters due to affect the state. Let not unscrupulous elements destroy and butcher our hills, fill up low-lying areas and reclaim them, or else the sea would reclaim us and liberate us for ever. Eternal vigilance is the price we must pay for freedom. May I salute the Gram Sabhas all around Goa for working hard to nip in the bud the growing menace of corruption and open rape of Goa by our greedy politicians and unconcerned legal system, which seems truly blind to Goa�s degradation and Goan marginalisation.

(4) Liberation or false dawn?Zino Carvalho, Davorlim
As Goa completes 48 years of its Liberation, despite the tremendous progress we have made since 1961, the people hope that the Central Government would grant special status to the state. But this has not yet materialised.The feeling of being colonised has not yet left us. At present we are concerned by the influx of immigrants, lack of job opportunities, sale of land, exploitation of mines, stench of rancid garbage at every nook and corner, plundering of agricultural fields and green zones for concrete mega projects, sky-rocketing prices and cost of living, full implementation of the Official Language Act, etc. Goa was not part of the Constituent Assembly deliberations. It was liberated through army intervention in 1961. We missed the first two Five-Year Plans. In order to preserve our identity, culture, land we need special status like Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal or Jammu & Kashmir to regulate or restrict ownership and transfer of land to non-Goans. Goa ought to have been given the special status soon after Liberation as promised by the then central government, led by Jawaharlal Nehru, who had assured Goans that he would do this to preserve the unique Goan identity for our future generations.

Viva Liberation!Joel Morais, Cuncolim
Liberation changed Green Goa to a concrete jungle. Liberation opened the doors and welcomed the criminals. Liberation welcomed the communal fanatics to create communal riots and bomb blasts. Liberation opened a market to sell government jobs. Liberation allowed the rich and the powerful to have their own laws. Liberation welcomed pollution to pollute our ground water. Liberation allowed the rape of our virgin beaches. Liberation welcomed the River Princess to take shelter in Candolim. Liberation allowed the sons and daughters of top government officers to use and crash government cars. Liberation allowed the elected people in power to use official force against the sons and the daughters of the soil. Liberation converted us from the slaves of Portuguese law to the slaves of our own law. Last but not the least, Liberation will once again welcome the elected licensed Goa looters to hoist the holy flag of our beloved country on 19 December. to Save Goa for Future Generations GOA was loved by tourists because of its scenic beauty, its natural green environment, clean beaches and hospitality of the local Goans. But alas, all this will be gone in a few years. Just look at the pace at which the greenery of Goa is being destroyed. Are the concrete jungles essential? And for whom? Can Goa sustain the influx of heavy-pocketed people from other states? How is the government going to cater to the needs of these people? Think about the amount of garbage that is going to be produced. What are we going to leave our children–polluted air, litter-strewn beaches, unsafe chaotic roads, consistent power shutdowns and restricted water supply? Will they ever be able to visualise a green Goa? How can the government turn a blind eye to the influx of non-Goans? Non-Goans in Goa have outnumbered the Goans and our very identity is at stake. The immigrants have started their own organisations to propagate their language and their culture in Goa. Is parasitism of cultures justifiable? The price of land has gone way beyond the reach of the common man. What is the government doing about all this? I fully agree with Mr Seshagiri Raghu Kumar who voiced his concern for Goa in the letter ‘Save Goa’ (NT, April 29). Goa is not a destination for employment like the metros of India. It is basically a tourist destination and the government should do all it can to save the natural environment of Goa. It should develop policies to safeguard the interest of Goans in the employment sector by reserving 90 per cent quota for Goans before issuing permission for industries, hotels etc. Are any of our Goan leaders listening? More importantly, will they take the necessary action to save Goa?NANDINI VAZ FERNANDES, Margao

Friday, 8 January 2010

Goan Heroes

During the Konkani Agitation in 1986-87’s, I was among many Goans who strongly respected leaders Luizinho Faleiro & Churchill Alemao, as Goan Heroes. Today, many Goans including myself feel betrayed & disillusioned with both of them. Goa, its environment & its identity is being destroyed by land sharks, un-necessary mega-projects, excessive out-migration of Goans, uncontrolled migrant influx etc and both these leaders are part of the Party/Government that is abetting, all of these Anti-Goan activities. Today, they are too busy trying to protect their electoral base, so as to ensure their own political survival. My question is that besides their personal/family achievements, what have they substantially achieved for Goa, Goans & Our identity? If the current trend continues, Goa/Goans will be irrelevant in the foreseeable future

My plea to both of them, is that if at all, they have any selfless love for Goa & Goans left, they take up the cudgels and do what it takes to Save Goa, its land & its prized identity. They occupy senior positions in the Congress Party/Government and can move mountains; if they really want to!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE

Friday, 1 January 2010

What Are We Waiting For? (By Carmen Miranda)
What Are We Waiting For?
Squeezed between the calamities of tourism and mining, Goa is on the brink, says CARMEN MIRANDA, as she calls for change
As 2010 dawns, ending another decade, Goa’s destruction continues unabated, driven by the greed of a few people inspired by an economic system that has enormous shortcomings, such as the environmental crisis that threatens to engulf us all. We could have been the lucky ones, living in Goa with a pristine environment, enjoying the simple things in life, enriched by an idea of prosperity and happiness that did not know the hunger of consumerism that dominates society today and which comes at an enormous cost to planet Earth, and a deadly cost to Goa. Goa, ‘the Pearl of the East’, among the smallest states in the country, could have been a jewel in the crown of India – a model of sustainable development that valued and cultivated its unique environment, culture and traditions which sustained and guided countless generations. It could have been an inspiration to the rest of the country. Instead we ended up with a Goa which has lost its ‘pearl’ while being stripped from its lush forests and disembowelled by mining operations, and cursed by the worse kind of tourism one can imagine, fuelled by sex, gambling, drugs and crime. Our biggest misfortune has been the unscrupulous and ignorant politicians with a misguided approach to development who have dominated politics for decades and whose governance amounted to protection of narrow interests, an assault on Goa’s dignity, traditions and environment, an assault on its capacity to provide a happy, prosperous and peaceful existence. We have been fooled into believing that this is the road to progress, but it has in reality been just a long rugged path of decline. Economic growth has become an end in itself, and the narrow business interests of building contractors and mining barons have become sacred, riding way above the interests of the rest of the population. Why?Why do they have more rights to destroy the environment which is vital for our survival than the rest of us, who want to preserve the fine ecological balance of nature, and who know that our real wealth is in our irreplaceable forests and biodiversity, our water resources, our fertile agricultural land? What about our right to fight for our survival, and mitigate the impact of extreme weather episodes that are about to hit us hard as result of climate change caused largely by business and industry? The environmental destruction has been justified as being in the pursuit of ‘sacrosanct’ economic growth – a myth that has spectacularly failed and enslaved society, and failed the fragile ecological systems on which we depend for survival. Fortunately the search for an alternative to current destructive economic model is on, and already producing interesting sustainable possibilities, more in tune with the limitations of a finite planet. The sooner we accept them and put them into practice the better. But first we must challenge the status quo which is threatening our very survival. Meanwhile Goa, ravaged by greed and irresponsible governance, lingers on precariously, between the Arabian Sea that is beginning to engulf its crowded beaches and the ever-increasing number of denuded gigantic dark brown dusty craters of the mining belt. Squeezed between two calamities, the Goans will soon have nowhere to run… It’s obvious that many fellow Goans are aware of and fed-up with what is happening in Goa. Their criticism of the politicians in power has been so relentless that if the politicians had any shame and conscience, they would have by now resigned and gone into hiding! But they cling on, and the list of blunders continues to grow, together with the list of measures that need to be taken urgently, before Goa reaches the point of no return. It is these measures that we need to concentrate on. We need to be clear about what we would do differently in Goa if we were in power, and we must be careful to avoid the pitfalls and perceived developmental needs that have misguided successive governments.Given that criticism has not budged the culprits an inch nor moved them into changing their ways, I ask you: are we going to continue being merely helpless spectators of the destruction of Goa, or are we going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! – and actually do something about it, such as offering or even imposing alternatives?How can we move forward from just writing about it, into some concrete action that will provoke a radical change? Are we going to get organised, and get down to the business of stopping the plundering and looting of Goa, or are we going to just sit down under a coconut tree singing “adeus kortso vellu pauta, ai mujem kallizo fapsota” and writing excruciatingly painful descriptions of the mess that turned Goa into a place I don’t recognise any longer?A growing number of Goans now share the feelings of a shattered Goan dream and are yearning for change. There are also potential leaders in Goa who together have the power to provoke a profound and radical change in politics without the colourings of partisan politics. This is a call to those leaders that have acted in the past, and can do it again now, to unite and focus on the real enemy of Goa – the ruling powers. This ‘cause’ is bigger than our individual ambitions, and calls for bold and swift action to put the culprits in their rightful place – on top of a pile of garbage in the nearest street corner. Goa’s reputation around the world is practically in the gutter – ruled by clueless men, corruption and crime, Goa does not have much time before it is irrevocably destroyed. It is in our hands the power to impose the end of impudent and shameless cynicism, the end of endemic corruption and institutionalised banditry. What are we waiting for? For the next election, to recycle the same people into power again? Enough of this affront of corruption at all levels of the administration and the unruly and unsustainable exploitation of Goa’s resources – everything has limits and we must draw the line now – else the destruction can be irreversible. When our streets are pilled high with garbage; when agricultural land is piled high with buildings; when all our beaches are polluted and infested with shacks; when our hills and forests are bulldozed flat for mining; when our water tables are emptied by the mining operations, leaving us with dry wells and fountains and silted and polluted rivers; and our politicians have become billionaires – it is time to say enough is enough! I hope that 2010 will be the year of unity and action among Goans who share a different dream for Goa – the year of courage and vigorous popular movement that produces a real reform in politics and radically changes governance. It is not going to be an easy ride, but our genuine actions will explain themselves, while conformity and inaction will explain nothing to future generations. It is in our hands to systematically provoke a reform that will scare away from public life those swindlers and crooks who are sucking the blood out of Goa! Otherwise nothing will ever change.