Monday, 26 May 2008

Goan Employment

I visited the Government Employment Agencies, to ascertain facts. The only positive thing was the courteous employees. 80% Jobs reservation is a toothless policy. Private companies in particular, don’t find Government subsidies attractive & favour Non-Goans. Are our corrupt politicians & bureaucrats, facilitating the latter?

Before our wise politicians & so called experts criticize us, for opposing industries (detrimental to Goan Interests). I suggest (1) They look at the current employment policy in place/implementation (2) Study the neighbouring states policies, which favour’s locals e.g. Maharashtra’s recent update on April 24th 2008.

The NRI office’s Overseas Employment Agency, helps Goans for Jobs overseas. Surely, the priority is to stop demographic reduction, by offering Goans suitable opportunities in Goa itself or facilitating return of Non-Residents. Contrary to the common view, there are Non Resident Goan’s eager to return to Goa and are looking for suitable employment opportunities; even in the Private Sector.

I suggest (1) The Employment Exchange be transparent in all jobs available (public & private sector); by managing a easily accessible professional website (2) The Government reviews minimum wages by sector, for a valid wage increase; which will enable Goans to afford a satisfactory lifestyle in Goa. (3) Start from a zero base; study the entire employment policy in detail; find out what it actually is; should it be revamped; implement/improve good aspects already in place. (4) Setup a Professional Task Force to agree & implement a NEW water-tight employment policy (5) An online summary reporting system, showing facts of implementation by sector; of the New Employment Policy, favouring 80% job reservations for All Goans (Resident & Non Residents)

This proposal is given to Government and the Opposition in the assembly.

Arwin Mesquita, Abu Dhabi.

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