Friday, 6 May 2011

Set Benaulim as an example to Goa

The Benaulim Constituency has played an important role in many of Goa's Critical Issues i.e. huge support for Saving Goa from Merger in the Opinion Poll, the Konkani agitation etc. and I now strongly believe that this highly literate constituency, has the potential to be the change that we need to see in Goa. Today the threat to Benaulim Constituency is not from outside but from within; we have extremely corrupt Anti-Goan Politicians who have over the years have made a mess of our beautiful constituency (and also other parts of Goa) and we have allowed them to do the same. These selfish politicians have amassed huge sums of illegitimate cash via excessive corruption, mega projects and SALE of Goa favouring outsiders, destructive development, Illegal Mining, selling jobs to outsiders etc. and then have used a small part of these illegitimate funds to enslave the people of Benaulim via Sponsorships, Cash Incentives, Paying of amenities, Distributing Rice, Fertilizers, Sugar etc. and by ‘legalizing’ various illegalities of many people. If we allow these corrupt politicians to continue in this manner, then surely we can all imagine of what will happen to us and our Constituency. My request to all Benaulikars is to take a stand on corruption and on these Anti-Goan Politicians; I appreciate that there is a fear psychosis in Benaulim with these criminal politicians, but can each one at least take a personal stand on the same and where possible try to state your views; even if it means doing so in a mild manner. The latter alone will not only Save Benaulim from the Anti-Goans but also be an example to the Rest of Goa!!
Arwin Mesquita, UAE

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