Friday, 22 April 2011

Dum Maro Hypocrisy

I resent Bollywood degrading Goans particularly Women. The recent release of the Movie Dum Maro Dum is really serious negative publicity. I hoped in vain that the screening be stopped but at the same time I question the root cause? Who gave approvals to shoot the movie? Transparency International recently reported Goa as the most corrupt state in India; is anyone surprised? Goa's Government comprises of Smugglers, Pimps, Drug Lords, Money Launderers, Thugs, Criminals etc; so what type of activities they will encourage? I was shocked on a recent visit on the seriousness of drugs, prostitution, alcohol abuse with underage youngsters at nightclubs; who supports this moral desecration in Goa? Can these go on in small Goa without blessings of disgustful ruling politicians? Are these the same politicians we sell our souls for bikes, electronics, illegal favours, land conversions, sponsorships, alcohol, paying amenities etc When will Goans realize that no matter how protective they are of their families/children or however moral they try to portray themselves; by actually supporting despicable politicians for selfish gains; the evil they support will come around and affecting their families/society. Overseas Goans are no less as various football tournaments, dances, Tiatrs etc publicize Goa's Most Corrupt/Criminal Politicians. Goans are masters of excuses e.g." no good people to vote for" but surely the little things like not glorifying Anti-Goans would help!! Bottom line is that Goa’s Extremely Corrupt Politicians are nothing but reflection of an Extremely Corrupt Goan Society (Local & Overseas). We deserve Politicians that we elect, glorify & publicize and if we want to project a good image of Goa/Goans or if we want Goa to progress the right way, then it is paramount that we first clear our filth in our own backyard & within ourselves!!

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