Thursday, 26 May 2011

MOI and 'Man Of Masses'

The credit of getting the Government to succumb to giving grants for English must be given to the Parents and not to the Opportunistic/Corrupt Politicians who are now being called “Man of the Masses” and are using this achievement, to get Maximum Political Mileage. Some of these “Man of the Masses” were instrumental in creating the Language MESS in the first place and then in hypocrisy, sent their children to English Medium Schools at that time. If these “Man of the Masses” truly are what they publicize themselves to be, then can they also please address the other extremely critical issues Goa is facing today i.e. (1) Illegal Mining which is devastating Goa and has to be addressed urgently (2) Mega Projects which are changing local demographics and destroying the environment (3) Stop the Anti Goan MOPA airport,(4) Remove the dubious additions to the Regional Plan e.g. the Eco Sensitive Zones which are nothing but a trick, to sell more of Goan Land (3) Get their Congress Government to adhere to their promises of obtaining Special Status for Goa. One Lesson to be learnt from the MOI achievement however is Goans can get what they truly want from GOA, if they fight for the critical issues in large numbers!!

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