Friday, 27 May 2011

Paid Political Publicity - Specific Goan Politicians

Goa’s Papers are many times splashed with individuals/groups, singing praises of their Political Godfathers, who obviously has blessed them with various favors in political, cash or kind. It gives the impression sometimes that Goans are in love with these Corrupt Political Leaders, who have well known criminal backgrounds and even to-date involved directly or indirectly to violence, threats, extortion and intimidation; so as to pursue with their sources of illegitimate income in the destruction of Goa and its Identity via Mega Projects not favoring Locals, Excessive Corruption, Illegal mining, Land/Water Contamination, Hill Cutting, Environment degradation etc. Surely these politicians have stashed away huge amounts of illegitimate income, so as to use some part of the same for their Political Publicity. I was told that these Specific Politicians regularly frequent countries like UAE, Kuwait etc and pay their local “Loyal” agents to have events for their self-publicity and self-glorification. I have no doubt that the same type of Principle is followed in Goa but whether Goans are fooled or not by such “paid political publicity” is another matter!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE

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armando said...

Hi Arwin,

You are a committed Goan, and we need more people like you. With your energy and sincerity, I am sure you can participate in the electoral process which will be much to the delight of countless goans worldwide.

You can definitely look forward to my support at all times.

God bless you,