Monday, 23 May 2011

Susegad Goan MLA

MLA's in Goa are wise in promoting their Kin into Politics, so as to continue with their family's legacy of destroying Goa for personal gains and realizing huge sums of illegitimate income. The reason they are wise is because it is easy to be and continue, as an MLA in Goa. All you need is a lot of illegal wealth via excessive corruption, destruction of Goa and then use some small amount of this wealth to give various goodies to the corrupt electorate, legalize their illegalities, pay for amenities, medical expenses, sponsorships etc. And as long as you do the latter, you do not need to worry if there are serious problems in Goa, say for example (1) People dying of carelessness by the Electricity Department (2) Prime Beaches like Colva turned into sewage dumps or beaches lost due to the River Princess in Candolim; which in turn effects the livelihood of locals (3) Rapid Destruction/Contamination of environment, land & water (4) Mushrooming Slums (5) Rising Prices etc. Goans are generally are not bothered and very forgiving; they are too happy to allow the Corrupt Anti Goan MLA's to rob and destroy the state to a large extent, so long as they get their relatively smaller valued incentives/amenities from these MLA's. Many Overseas Goans also have this same "small" mentality and patronize these Anti Goan MLA's on visits abroad; they forget that most Goans are forced to leave Goa because of faulty actions & policies, of the very MLA's that they Glorify and Associate with!!

Arwin Mesquita,UAE.

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