Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Amazon and the Green Goa Context

Are Goans aware that the Amazon Rainforests provide 20% of the earth’s oxygen and 60% of its freshwater? Even worse, Are Goans aware that with current rate of de-forestation by a highly capitalistic human race, these rainforests will be gone within the next 40 years? Even if Goans are not aware of the latter, surely we should be aware of the severe consequences should the latter happen!! But then, if we are really aware of the detrimental consequences, why are we allowing the destruction of forests, greenery, hills etc. in our own beautiful state of Goa to satisfy the enormous greed the Rich Few i.e. Builders, Land Sharks, Real Estate agents and Corrupt Politicians. Why are we encouraging destructive industries, Government Projects and Multi Dwelling Mega Projects particularly in cases where we know that they are not in the interests of Goans at Large!! The sad truth is that the Anti-Goan Politicians have compromised Gullible Goans with Cash (mostly acquired via corrupt means), Favors (mostly illegal), paying of amenities, rice, sugar, water tanks, electronics, sponsorships and also threats/intimidation; so as to allow them a free hand, in continuing with the realization of their illegitimate incomes.

Also, so many Goans are involved in the Real Estate business which is way beyond, what Goa's environment can tolerate. Are these Real Estate people interested in selfish short term gains for themselves, which will only end up in Huge Long Term losses to Goa and Goans at large??

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Bernice Pereira said...

Interesting!! These destroyers don't realise one thing or perhaps they don't care for their children, grandchildren or fr the generations that follow (God only knows how they acquired them). They dont care if there is no drinking water left for them. They are so selfish