Sunday, 24 January 2010

Suggestions/Best Practices/Proven Action to Save Goa & Its Identity

Dear Goans,

This page will be constantly updated with suggestions, best practices, proven action to save Goa, Its Land & its Identity; you can replicate for action in your respective area or communicate to those who need help/advise, on how to act on the same.

Dev Borum Korum,

(1) PIL by Mr. Floriano Lobo (Goa Su-Raj Party)

Re: Opportunity for Non Resident Goans to help Local Goans save goa Posted by: "floriano" Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:17 am (PST)
Dear RG & NRG Goans,Taking the queue from Arwin's post I called Orlando to tell him this:Quote"You don't need to file a Writ Petition in the HC paying thousands of rupees and engaging costly lawyers who ultimately will screw you by compromising your case with the mega builders for money. That I have never relied upon any lawyer and have not paid a single paise to them in all my 7 successful PILs in the HC. I got the HARA project decimated even before they started digging in the Calapur salt pans through a simple letter to the HC. YOu put your Public Interest Petition on the paper, plead with the HC for justice and you will get it, Raheja or no Raheja. If you file a Writ Petition, you will bleed and Rahejas will buy most of your people and the genuine ones will be left holding the baby. I am in contact with Ms (prof) Savia and my services are available to you Carmonkars any time if they can help you and help Goa.Please go for PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION where it has to be a Litigation in real Public Interest. Any hint of personal interest in this will destroy the petition.I assure you the HC will come to your rescue for absolutely free if this is the case. Therefore you must take care how you draft your petition. You must make sure the Justices get tears in their eyes when they read it.UnquoteCheersflorianogoasuraj9890470896


Venantius said...

Keep you the good fight.

Venantius said...

Also, keep up the good fight.