Friday, 22 January 2010

Opportunities for Non Resident Goans to Help Local Goans Save Goa

Dear Non Resident Goans,
Here are opportunities to help Goans to save Goa. Please read below; which is separated by village/town and will be constantly updated. It is an uphill battle but if more Goans join the effort, we can overcome!! Should you want to help, kindly contact respective person directly
Arwin Mesquita, UAE

Date: 10th Januar’2010.My Dear Friend Arwin bab
Through News paper reports of major Goan dailies you all are aware what is happening in your beautiful village of Carmona and the state of Goa at large. Since the year 2008, we Carmonakars have lodged a sustained battle with the authorities in Goa to protect our mother land from the clutches of the land sharks. If land sharks such as the Raheja’s of Mumbai fame are allowed to set mega housing projects meant as second homes for the neo-rich from outside the state there will be no land left for our future generations. As it is with one mega deal by the Raheja’s in our village the land prices has soared to astronomical figures thereby eroding the purchasing power of every Carmonkar whether he is working in Goa, the gulf or the luxury liners. The basic infrastructure of water, electricity, garbage disposal and sewerage at present are so dismal that our living will be made impossible by these mega projects. Our revolt against the mighty Raheja’s in Carmona has awakened many Goan villages from the deep slumber and today each and every gramsabha in goan villages are questioning the Sarpanchas and authorities on the issue.But our own elected representative such as MLA’s and Panchayat members blinded by short term personal greed are supporting these mega projects by outside builders. The same has happened in Carmona. Recently at the gramsabha meeting held on 20/12/2009 the people of Carmona has passed a resolution and told the Sarpanch to call back the file of the Raheja’s.But our sarpanch and the balance group of five who have sold themselves to the bread loaves offered by the Raheja’s are in no mood to listen to the voices of the people. At the behest of our local MLA the town and country planning department has issued a provisional NOC to the builder which will be ratified by our panchayat in its meeting to be held on 13/01/2010 to issue license to The Raheja’s.The action of the Town and country planning department and the Panchayat to issue the provisional NOC is nothing but a fraud. As per circular dated 29.08.2008 the builder has to show the actual width of the existing access road at site. The said circular says that no NOC should be issued based on proposed road/ broadening. I enclose a copy of the said circular for your perusal.Many likeminded people from the village are of the opinion that this fraud has to be challenged in the high court and have promised support. We have contacted lawyers and has taken opinion and are told that it is fit case to permanently block the Raheja’s and also to give fiting reply to our local MLA and the Panchas supporting the builder.Our estimate runs in a few lakhs of rupees to match against the mighty Raheja’s. But we count on support of all our dear brothers and sisters working in far away countries and are hoping to return our sweet home after retirement.Please circulate this appeal to all blue blooded Goans to spare a few ruppess from their hard earned incomes to save our mother land from the hungry volves.
Thank you very much,On behalf of the People of Tamdeg and Carmona at large. Orlando. S. A. Da. SilvaMobile No. 9823491364 – Feel free to contact for any clarifications if required.Cheques can be issued in my favour and I assure thorugh and honest accountablity for the purpose it is asked for.

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babush_valpoi said...

This is the most outraging fact that we Goans cannot ignore. It is high time to oust these guys from the panchayat if not by pressure then my force and a deadly force must be used against these panchayat fellows. They are out for making extra money by selling of the our motherland. Instead why don't they sell their wives, daughters and mothers to Raheja and his likes? These panchayat fellows should be stripped naked and paraded in the town. Where are the Goa Protectors now? Wake up you lousy Panchayat fellows and come to your senses. There is still time. Mend your ways and undo the wrongs you have done or just begun to do. - Menino (Valpoi/UK)