Friday, 15 January 2010

Honour the Historic Opinion Poll that kept Goa Separate

The Opinion Poll held on 16th Jan 1967 saved Goa from Merger into Maharashtra. Most Goans surely are happy today, that Goa remained a separate state with a separate identity; but will this identity remain, or will it be extinguished in the near future. Will the efforts of all those who fought to save Goa from merger go in vain? Today Goa's Identity is under threat from (1) Corrupt Politicians, (2) Mega-Projects, (3) Land Sharks & Rich Non-Goans indiscrimately buying up Goa; with practically no land available for Goans today, (4) Uncontrolled Migrant Influx, slums & vote banks being used to checkmate Goans, (5) Konkani losing prominence against other languages (6) Government in-difference to so many Goans leaving Goa, due to lack of employment opportunities and if action is not taken, Goans will soon be a minority in their own state. It is time for another movement to re-visit what Goans had actually voted for in 1967; its time for Goans today to rise from their slumber; to speak/act in one voice that Goa is not for SALE and Goans have a right to protect their identify, land and our way of life. Yes, the Indian Constitution has a lot of good points but this legal document has its serious flaws if it assists, in decimation of any states local identity; needless to say, Goans were never party to the process of forming the Constitution; so it is high time that our views are now taken into consideration!!

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