Friday, 8 January 2010

Goan Heroes

During the Konkani Agitation in 1986-87’s, I was among many Goans who strongly respected leaders Luizinho Faleiro & Churchill Alemao, as Goan Heroes. Today, many Goans including myself feel betrayed & disillusioned with both of them. Goa, its environment & its identity is being destroyed by land sharks, un-necessary mega-projects, excessive out-migration of Goans, uncontrolled migrant influx etc and both these leaders are part of the Party/Government that is abetting, all of these Anti-Goan activities. Today, they are too busy trying to protect their electoral base, so as to ensure their own political survival. My question is that besides their personal/family achievements, what have they substantially achieved for Goa, Goans & Our identity? If the current trend continues, Goa/Goans will be irrelevant in the foreseeable future

My plea to both of them, is that if at all, they have any selfless love for Goa & Goans left, they take up the cudgels and do what it takes to Save Goa, its land & its prized identity. They occupy senior positions in the Congress Party/Government and can move mountains; if they really want to!!

Arwin Mesquita, UAE

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joel said...

Keep up the good work. I hope all Goans join together in the battle against land sharks. I support your blog and hope to pass this around to many of my friends and relatives abroad.