Saturday, 11 June 2011

Grievance Goa Customs

To the Navhind Times, Goa

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please can you publish my letter in your esteemed newspaper

Michael Fernandes.

Subject: Grievance Goa Customs

This is with reference to letter "Inquiry into Public Grievance" dated 10th June 2011 by LILLIAN FERNANDES, Asst Commissioner of Customs, Vigilance Section, Panaji; which was in reponse to an earlier letter by Mr. Arwin Mesquita ‘Corrupt Goa Customs’ (NT, May 23). Please be informed that Arwin wrote this letter after I informed him of My Incident which happened on [DATE: ###], when I arrived from Dubai on Air India Flight Number [AI ##]. Arwin has also experienced the same in the past 2 years but does not have details, as it has been some time he has flown direct to Goa. May I also suggest that you publicly inform Overseas Goans respective email/phone details so as to contact your vigiliance office; should any similar unpleasant incidents occur at Goa Customs .

Michael Fernandes, Dubai.

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