Saturday, 11 June 2011

Konkani Gone Global with Pride (International Amersfoort Jazz Festival - The Netherlands)

This is with reference to the recently held Konkani Rocks event by Heritage Jazz, at The International Amersfoort Jazz Festival in The Netherlands. I appreciate the all the hard work and efforts of Mr. Armando Gonsalves and his team, for taking Konkani to the Global Stage which is certainly a very big International boost for our mother tongue. No one can dispute the fact that Konkani is the core of our Goan Identity and it is high time for Goans, to give Konkani the respect that it truly deserves; not only in Goa but also at the Global Level. Just as other World Communities like the English, Spanish, Germans, French, Italians or the Indian Communities like the Gujaratis, Maharashtrians, Keralites, Punjabis, Tamils etc are proud of their mother tongues, so should Goans be proud of Konkani. I believe that with genuine Goa lovers instilling the pride and love for Konkani within Goans, particularly the younger generation, there will power surge for Goans (Local & Overseas) to rise over political, communal and other destructives challenges to preserve their Prized Land, Culture & Identity, which makes up that “Goan Magical Charm” admired by people the world over. Also it today’s increasingly Globalised World it’s is extremely important to “Be Global but Act Local” which means that we also have to make use of Globally accepted languages like English without at the same time Forsaking our Mother Tongue Konkani. We Goans certainly have treasure within us and it is high time that we shout our loud, proudly cherish the same and share it with the World Community!!
Arwin Mesquita, UAE

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armando said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments Arwin. I would have missed it completely if not for the lazy mood i have been in, just browsing through fb which i dont do otherwise.

Next time, when you are blogging, tag me via facebook, and let us have a fire started :-)

Cheers Arwin, the time for change has come, and you are going to be a central part of this, rest assured!.

It has really come!