Saturday, 5 July 2008

Landlords Excuse

This is with reference to the recent press coverage of Landlords defending their SALE of Goa to the highest bidder(non-goans in particular). My criticism does not apply to the Truly Goan Landlords who have resolved that they will not Sell Goa (particularly to Non-Goans); no matter what the price.

The excuse of being a capitalist society does not hold ground, as Capitalism does not take precedence on the over all interests of the region/society? These Landlords are blind to the fact that there is a civilized Global understanding on the latter. And is it not a fact that outsiders with a lot of illegitimate wealth are investing in Goa’s Properties. So is this a weakness that Goans generally do not have this illegitimate wealth?

Every business deal has a social responsibility. If the Landlords actions affect the society, then these actions have to be stopped. If they have a right to sell the land, so also do the people in the society have the right of priority to live in decent environment, with stable infrastructure, reduced contamination levels, sense of identity, livelihood, safety, etc Today Goa besides facing a threat to its Identity (i.e. Unique Selling Point); also has many significant problems resulting out of land sales to Non-Goans, Mega projects, un-necessary constructions etc. If the Society has to suffer significantly, then the so called rights of these Capitalistic Anti-Goan Landlords do not hold any weight. The arguments for protection of land if valid should be addressed to ensure that the Landlords rights are protected, but these arguments should not serve as an excuse to SELL GOA. Also the landlords need to smarten up on the steps for preserving their land from Tenants, Mundkars & Encroachers.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE

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