Thursday, 31 July 2008

Solution for Goa

We Let Politicians, Land Sharks/Builders to silence us, via various tactics. Specific Politicians for instance, oblige many people with rewards & favours (mostly “illegal”); these people then sell their souls & give a blank cheque to these politicians, to reap disgustingly huge profits, through the Destruction of Goa & its identity. It is high time; these people realize the reality and stop their indirect contribution, to the death of Goa!!

Then we have Land Sharks/Builders bribing Politicians & Police to intimidate protestors. I heard of a specific shocking case in North Goa; some powerful people from Delhi colluded with local politicians & police, to stop few protesters via Police charges & imprisonment!! The protesters unsuccessfully tried to stop the private purchase of a huge beach area & blocking of public access to the same. Are we allowing Goa, to be very soon, off limits to Goans and a private haven to India’s Rich & Famous? Is the Benaulim incident of police charges on 2 youth, the similar tactic of intimidation employed?

We are getting stronger by the day; in our movement to Save Goa & its Identity. I commend and thank Goans fighting hard & selflessly for the latter, against all odds. By neutralizing the defeating tactics employed by vested interests, we can achieve what we truly want for Goa & its future generations. WE CAN DO IT; WE ARE THE SOLUTION.

Arwin Mesquita, UAE.


Jelvis Henriques said...

You are spot on.

frederickdsouza said...

Mr arwin i back you up with your statement that some politicians do use illegal means to get their ways. We all should make sure those who fight it out and pay what ever price, we all should contribute in taking care of their near and dear ones. This way we can assure other potential fighters to come out in open. We all should open a foundation to take care of such people who are the victim. Let me know the updates of this subject