Monday, 29 March 2010

1961 Goa's Liberation Mistake

I appreciate that although not impossible, it is a challenge today to put in measures for protecting Goan Demographics, Identity, Land and our way of life. This challenge is mainly because of the perceived restrictions by the Indian Constitution, which was officially never approved by Goans and opinions given by pessimists. However, before we even try to look at measures to protect Goa’s Interests, we first need to at least publicly acknowledge and get the Central Government to appreciate; that there were serious flaws in the manner, Goa was absorbed into the Indian Union without any safeguards. By admitting the latter, can help look at possible remedial measures. Goa could have progressed within India, in a positive manner post 1961 i.e. into a world class state with a special identity, comparable or even ahead of other beautiful places in the world, unfortunately the mistakes we made at Liberation has resulted in Goa actually going backwards; with rapid destruction of its beauty, contamination of its land, air & water, deteriorating standards of living, fuelled by an un-controlled migrant influx, change in demographics, rampage by Central Politicians and their powerful & influential Indian business associates etc. Yes, each one of us needs to play our part to save goa, but it would really help if our freedom fighters gave their honest views on Goa today. I appreciate that there were huge sacrifices by Genuine Freedom fighters who obviously had the best intentions, but I would like to know, if they are really happy with the current state Goa is in today, surely their sacrifices will be in vain, if Goa that they hoped for gets destroyed and results in being liberated from the Goans!!

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