Friday, 19 March 2010

Special Status not enough

I appreciate efforts by the North Goa MP Mr. Shantaram Naik for lobbing the Central Government, to adopt Special Status to Save Goa's Identity. However, this alone will not be enough, we need to take urgent measures, which should among other things include: (1) Creating sustainable employment/business opportunities for Goans, so as to stop the Goan Exodus from Goa and bring back its sons/daughters from overseas countries (2) Favourable Educational & Medical opportunities for Goans; including Non Resident Goans (2) Stop further deterioration of quality of life via promoting destructive development, environment damage etc (3) Urgent adopt policies & measures to address the un-controlled migrant influx into Goa (4) Formulate a comprehensive Housing Policy, which favours housing Goans only and not create un-necessary homes for outsiders to come in; at the cost of destroying Goa's Environment, Ecology, Forests and contaminating its air, land and water. The Question is do our current bunch of MLA's in the Government have the capacity or at least the will to do this? They seem to be too busy fighting for their huge selfish personal stakes and appeasing their Supreme Masters in Delhi; at the cost of destroying Goa and its precious Identity. It is high time that the Voters who have elected these MLA's for whatever reasons, start demanding remedial measures else they are also part of the problem and will be the cause of Goa's Destruction!!

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