Friday, 9 April 2010

Exploitation & Terrorism

The recent killings of security forces by Maoist Rebels must be condemned by all. However, we should also look at the root causes of this terrorism. Surely these could be actions by frustrated people in impoverished areas, who could have been possibly exploited by corrupt/selfish politicians and specific wealthy colleagues. Let’s look at the Goa analogy, where many powerful MLA's & their wealthy colleagues plunder/exploit the state and society at will, without any consequences. Also there are many cases in Goa, where genuine individuals fighting in a civilized manner for basic rights for themselves and their environment are targeted by the Government & corrupt MLA's, who use various means to intimidate, including the Police Machinery. Many times these individuals are also targeted at the behest of specific Wealthy people, who do not want anything to stand in the way of realising their greed. Quasi-Judicial Government bodies are controlled by powerful MLA's and the common man’s petitions/rights are not respected or defended. And all this is happening in the relatively high literate Goa; obviously the exploitation in other places of lower literacy is higher. We must appreciate that the people responsible for the massacre of the security forces are not only the Maoist Rebels but also respective powerfully corrupt politicians and specific wealthy individuals who have found loop holes in the Indian System to be basically invincible; so as to continue with the collection of their illegitimate wealth!!

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